The Weeknd Remixed Bryson Tiller's "Rambo"; Tiller's Gonna Be a Superstar

Bryson Tiller has quietly been taking over R&B but a Weeknd co-sign just made his presence internationally known.

In March 2011, Drake co-signed a mysterious new artist nobody knew anything about. Five years later, that same artist is winning GRAMMY’s, landing songs in major blockbuster movies and topping all of the charts. 

The Weeknd is the current king of R&B—behold, the power of his co-sign!

Now, The Weeknd’s paying it forward with a co-sign of his own, for an artist that Drake already co-signed, as he has released a remix of Bryson Tiller's "Rambo," effectively putting Tiller very much in the race for R&B's next superstar.



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Those of us who exist in this bubble of rap Internetery have been on Tiller train for a minute now but compared to the wider public that’s a small bubble. Go walk down the street and ask the average person who Bryson Tiller is, he's still relatively unknown. But now, between the unexpected commercial success of TRAPSOUL and a look from The Weeknd, it’s getting harder and harder to dismiss Tiller as a mere fad. 

More than sales or the significance of a Weeknd co-sign though, the “Rambo (Remix)” helped show me that “it factor” I’ve been looking for. Tiller doesn’t seem muted or irrelevant; he’s an integral part of a remixed version of his own song, delivered to the public by an artist known for drowning out his competition and collaborators. We may just have a budding star on our hands.

Still sleeping on Bryson Tiller? Wake the fuck up.



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