Mo-G Posts & Deletes Bloody Instagram Pic, Suggests OVO Retaliation

Last week Mo accused Drake and OVO of not paying him to ghostwrite, today he looks beat up and bloody. Is it a hoax or OVO retaliation?

Shit just got real - or very fake. It's hard to tell. Welcome to the internet. 

When Mo-G (aka dance moves like Mo G, aka the guy who came up with the "left hand like Ginobli" line from "Jumpman") lashed out at Drake and OVO, in particular Drake's manager Oliver, a few weeks ago on Instagram in a series of now deleted posts I paid attention, but not too much attention. In the wake of ghostwriter allegations and Majiid Jordan telling stories of literally sleeping in tents in Drake's studio while they wrote for him 24/7, a young Toronto artist claiming that OVO was trying to rob him off his creative energy mattered. At the same time, it seemed like a relatively small drama in the larger picture. 

And then this happened:

UPDATE: So as soon as we went live with this story Mo-G removed the Instagram post, along with all of his Instagram posts that mention OVO because of course he did, adding another layer to the mystery. But the internet doesn't forget. I'll just re-post the pic with the original quote for the same effect.




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"When you speak from your heart this is what happens...#Dirtysociety #Dirtyindustry"

Huh....well then. While Mo's clearly not alleging that anyone affiliated with OVO beat his face to a pulp that's certainly what he seems to be alleging. In the context of the last few weeks what else could "when you speak from your heart this is what happens" and a reference to a dirty music industry mean? At the same time, I trust pictures on the internet as far as I can throw them, which is to say not at all. I've been through too many internet hoaxes to just automatically believe this is real. 

But if it is real, there's some real drama brewing behind the scenes at OVO. Not "beef" with Common type drama, but assault and battery type drama. After all, Mo's post comes right after Quentin Miller alleged that Meek Mill's associates beat him up at a Nike store because he sided with Drake after the ghostwriting accusations went public.

It's important to note that so far Drake hasn't been directly involved in any of this because of course. He's far too smart to risk Super Bowl ad deals by ending up in jail. But there does seem to be a growing amount of violence swirling around the periphery of Drake's world - we so often laugh at his "make someone around me catch a body like that" lines, but those insinuations may be closer to the truth than I previously thought. 

Or, you know, the entire thing will be revealed to be a hoax. Welcome to the internet, where you can't trust anything you see, read or hear. 

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via Instagram.



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