Future's Taliban Gang Censored in Taylor Swift & Apple's New "Jumpman" Commercial

Future reps Taliban Gang, Drake reps Taliban Gang, Jonah Hill shouted then out on "SNL," but the gang didn't make it past the Apple censors.

By now most of the Internet has witnessed Taylor Swift’s star studded role in Apple Music’s latest commercial, a short viral clip featuring America's sweetheart on a treadmill, running and rapping to Future and Drake’s “Jumpman.” Some might call the clip hilarious and others might consider Taylor’s rendition rather cringing, but I'd like to think the commercial is a combination of both, hilariously cringeworthy.

The most interesting part of the commercial is what didn't make it into the clip. 

Taylor falls from the treadmill in the midst of her gym flow before the entire song is rapped, but you might notice a small change at the beginning. She doesn’t repeat Future’s warning of the consequences that come with Metro Boomin’s lack of trust but included Drake's "Halloween" ad-lib - minus the part where “Taliban” should be. There was clearly an intentional decision made to edit out the nod toward Future’s mysterious Taliban Gang, which is lowkey becoming the most popular, most unknown gang in the world.  

When “Jumpman” started taking off we did a bit of investigating trying to discover the origins and Future’s connection to the Taliban Gang he is now constantly repping. Was it an actual actual gang? A reference to the terrorist group? A new collective Future's building? Despite some serious digging we're still not quite sure. There is a very real former gang in Atlanta that called themselves Taliban Hit Squad, but Future has never acknowledged as being a part of it. Regardless, as obviously willing as they are to cash in on hip-hop culture, a giant corporation like Apple and a gaint pop-star like Taylor wasn't taking any chances, Taliban Gang got the axe. 

Personally, I was looking forward to Taylor being the next celebrity to accidentally put on for the gang. Jonah Hill didn't display any such hesitation when he said it during his nationally televised performance of “Jumpman” with Future on SNL, and the line isn'tedited out on the radio version of "Jumpman," but Apple and Taylor made sure to silence that part of the song.

One day we'll find out the truth behind Taliban Gang, but in the meantime watching celebrities either endorse or run from the line is our new favorite game. Enjoy. 

By Yoh, aka Southside Yoh, aka @Yoh31. Taylor Swift image via YouTube, Future via Instagram.