Drake's "One Dance" Feels Like It Could Be Drizzy's Next Big Hit

"Pop Style" was trash, but Drake's other new single, "One Dance," has the potential to be music's next big hit.


Stop what you're doing, the 6 God just dropped off two new singles in typical surprise Drake fashion. One of them features Jay Z and Kanye West and holy shit is it disappointing. The other single is “One Dance,” which based on snap judgement first reactions probably looks like the lesser contender of the two but turns out to be the much more satisfying meal.

Editor's Note: Just like "Pop Style," this song is currently only officially available via Apple Music, so sorry, but you'll have to hunt down the song on your own. 

Dancehall Drake (basically the Drake who makes music tailor-made for beachside, rum-fueled grinding) has quickly becoming the Drake that America (and probably Canada) wants to hear. Just look at the incredible success of "Hotline Bling," the clamoring for an official release of his "Sweeterman" remix, his bump-n-grind filled appearance on "Work" and "Controlla," an unfinished leak from last week that's the hottest song out right now (according to Twitter).

On "One Dance," the 6 God gets assists from Nigerian pop star Wizkid, who he worked with last year on the excellent "Ojuelegba" remix, and Kyla, who I'll be honest in saying I'm quite unfamiliar with but is sampled here. Drake is the one leading this one dance though, Hennessy in hand of course.

Sultry, late-night beach vibes are in, and Drake is a master of capitalizing on what's hot at the moment. With Rihanna's "Work" sitting comfortably at #1 on the Billboard charts and showing no signs of slowing down, "One Dance" now in the public's hands, and an official "Controlla" release possibly on the horizon, don't be surprised if Island Drake takes a firm grasp on summer. Let's just hope Views is more of this and less "Pop Style" struggle bars.

By Brendan Varan, who's having trouble focusing on writing after hearing Drake call himself 'Chaining Tatum' in "Pop Style." Follow him on Twitter. Illustration by Zhi-Yun Zhang.