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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear This: ScHoolboy Q's "Groovy Tony"

Q's back with a new banger that will knock you out, take your shoes and then rob your children.

TDE’s Top Dawg promised to liven up our boring Monday with a new release when his plane touched down in L.A., sending their massive fan base into a frenzy of speculation. Would it be Kendrick? Would it be Ab-Soul? Would it be Isaiah?

The hours ticked by slowly as we refreshed his Twitter hoping that the plane wouldn’t be delayed due to some freak snowstorm in April. With one hour left in the day, Top kept his promise, unleashing ScHoolboy Q’s “Groovy Tony.” 

Yes, you read that right, BRAND NEW SChOOLBOY Q! Finally, after months and months and months of waiting, we get a taste of what Q’s been cooking up. If this wasn't worth of our Holy Shit You Need to Hear This series, why do we even have a Holy Shit You Need to Hear This series? 

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The grimey drums drop like Macho Man off the top rope, it’s an audio elbow drop from the very start. The bassline is equally evil, the mood is dirty and dark, this is an alley after dark on the wrong side of town. This may be his first single but it’s not for radio. “Blank face, trey 8, kill everybody,” now this is an opening line that tells you Groovy Tony is not a man to be messed with.

Q’s rugged voice and violent rhymes are perfect for the ominous world, this is a man who will rob you for your collard greens and probably the kitchen sink. There’s a voice in the background that says “Blank face” every few bars, the eerie chant makes it feel like something out of an '80s superhero series except there’s no heroes here, just a very violent man who will rob your kids, has a heart cold enough to house eskimos.

Q has songs where he sounds like he would pick the pockets of his fans but this is a new level of extreme, the growl of a gangster who will put fear in the heart of all the moms that thought Schoolboy Q was the name of some wholesome rapper that makes music with Tinashe. You’re wrong mom! You’re wrong!

It’s short, a little under three minutes, but it will satisfy anyone hungry for the raw, unfiltered ScHoolboy Q. This isn’t the single for the mainstream, this is pure west coast, menace to society, lock your doors, roll up your windows, hide your wives raps. If this is any indication of what Q has on the way, tall tees, oversized jeans, du-rags, and a ski-mask will be the uniform for the summer. “Groovy Tony” is the return of one of hip-hop’s most exciting rhymers and he came back with a boom. It’s everything a fan could want - gangster and gritty with a sharp flow that only the groovist crip could execute. Vivid storytelling that envelopes you in a world dark as the single’s cover. Plus the beat bangs!

Holy Shit, Q BACK!

By Yoh, aka Groovy Yoh , aka @Yoh31. Image via YouTube



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