G-Eazy Has a No. 1 Pop Hit With "Me, Myself & I." He's Kind of a Big Deal

If you're putting money down on music's next mainstream superstar, G-Eazy's looking like an increasingly good bet.

Numbers aren't good for much. They do a terrible job explaining our connection to music, and the reasons I don't connect with G-Eazy's music have nothing to do with numbers. I might just be too old to connect to his rebellious youth vibe, it might just not be for me. But numbers can be great for helping us see outside ourselves, and G-Eazy's music is obviously connecting with a lot of people. A whole lot of people. 

Incredibly, almost six months after it was first released, G-Eazy's "Me, Myself & I" single has now reached No. 1 on Billboard's latest Pop Charts, knocking Selena Gomez' "Hands to Myself" out of the top spot. When you're surpassing Selena Gomez to reach the top of the pop charts, there's just no other way to put it. G-Eazy is now officially a pop star.   

Like Bryson Tiller, while G-Eazy hasn't received a lot of recognition from the proverbial music industry gatekeepers—no award nominations, routinely left off "rappers under 30" lists except for ours—the people have obviously decided he's a big deal. His When It's Dark Out album went gold, "Me, Myself & I" will soon give him two videos with over 100 million views on YouTube (the other being "I Mean It"), and most importantly, he's packing huge venues.

Views and streams can be manipulated, but there's just no fronting on the number of real human beings who pay to see an artist perform. As he said in his recent Microphone Check interview, while Logic has taken a slow and steady approach to touring, preferring to sell out smaller venues rather than risk having any empty seats in a larger one, G-Eazy's swung for the fences booking major venues in major markets and hit. 

Music is personal, and personally, G-Eazy's music just isn't for me, not yet at least. But music's also a business, and from a business perspective, if I had to place bets on who's going to become one of mainstream music's next big stars, I'd put money down on G-Eazy.

In fact, he's already a star. The numbers prove it.