Adidas to Release 4/20-Themed Sneakers Complete With Weed-Hiding Pocket

As marijuana becomes big legal business Adidas combines hip-hop's love for fresh kicks and weed in one shoe.

Back in February, I wrote an article about rappers who are getting into the legal weed business, which was almost immediately followed by an interview with B-Real about that very topic. Since then I’ve kept a watchful eye on the the hip-hop and weed overlap like it was the last bag of Doritos in a smoke session. Case in point, Game’s THC lemonade. I didn’t think it could get better than lemonade that gives you cottonmouth, but with a 4/20 themed endeavor of their own Adidas is now coming for the throne.

The body of the new Adidas "Happy 420" Stan Smith Vulc is made from heat-pressed hemp which features a stone-like pattern (I wonder why?) and the tongue features a prescription-inspired label. Capping off the smoker-friendly footwear, there is a pocket in the tongue for you to hide your weed in. Seriously. That's a real thing that's going to exist that you can wear

Take a look:



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I could make a joke about Dr. Scholl's turning into Dr. Greenthumb...or maybe some quip about how you’d have to be high to grab a pair of Yeezy’s over these...or maybe something about smoking J's vs. wearing them? But instead I’ll take the high ground and keep this super serious and business-like. It’s fascinating to see the ways that the marijuana culture is expanding and being marketed now that it’s becoming more and more mainstream, and it can't be a coincidence that Adidas was also one of the first companies to align itself with another counter-culture movement that eventually achieved massive popularity; hip-hop. 

This isn’t a rapper selling weed, this is a major shoe company, one which aligns itself with NBA athletes and PGA golfers, making a 4/20 shoe. It’s the appeal of an untapped market and the potential revenue stream that is the catalyst for the legitimization of weed and weed culture, and like your favorite rapper chasing a hit song, companies are going to always move to where the money is.

Your weed may be loud but it’s the other green that really talks.

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