Drake Lied About Curry & The Warriors Because He's a Sports Nymphomaniac

Drake's "Golden State running practice at my house" line was a lie, but what do you expect from rap's ultimate sports nympho?

Rappers and basketball go together like rappers and exaggerating. Leave it to Drake to combine both.

“Summer Sixteen” was Drake’s victory dance on Meek's grave and as a result, Drake’s new-found Golden State Warriors fandom was overlooked because of the story that Drake played "Charged Up" above Meek’s hotel room, but as it turns out, both are bullshit. We called the Four Seasons to dispel that rumor, and now, Steph Curry tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him 6 God.

"Golden State running practice at my house"



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Drake is hardly the first rapper to fib basketball related raps - I sincerely doubt Ice Cube’s once chubby self could put up a triple double while just fuckin' around - but given Drake’s history this is way more than just an exaggerated brag. Steph Curry and his brother-in-law casually shooting around while Drake and assorted others looked on is a far cry from an entire NBA team practicing at his crib. (No word if it was P. Reign, DVSN or Ramriddlz who babysat Riley during the shoot around.) Having Steph put up shots in your gym is pretty awesome by itself, I don’t get why Drake would feel the need to turn it into an even bigger thing. Actually that's a lie too. I completely understand.

Anyone with a basic sense of integrity knows you stay loyal to your hometown team. When that team adopts you, makes you an ambassador, and has a night dedicated to you, the least you could do is not fawningly rap about the guy who put up 44 points against your team and claim to HOST PRACTICES FOR A COMPETING TEAM. The Raptors host a Drake night every season, and yet if you went by which team and which players Drake's mentioned the most lately, you’d think he grew up ghost-riding the whip across the Bay Bridge. Where is his loyalty?!

Ultimately, his loyalty is to his brand. Drake is a meme. He’s a sports nympho, a wave rider. He jumps into the frame of any picture that can get him an extra view, whether it's an unknown rapper or the most entertaining basketball team on the planet. Drake knew this would happen. Drake knew that Twitter would go crazy if he mentioned Curry and Draymond Green. Drake knew ESPN would then interview Curry about it. Drake knew the internet would blow up again. And if the Warriors win, he'll be there for the photo shoot, just like he was for the Heat

At the same time I completely disrespect Drake’s lack of sports loyalty, I truly respect his game. Drake knows how to work the system for his benefit, unfortunately for Warriors fans, Drake's now cursed them and they're not going to win another championship.

Don't start making plans to celebrate another title my Bay Area people, thanks to Drake this won't be a sweet summer '16. 

Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Photos via EventRegistry and TFB.



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