Did Chance The Rapper Just Lowkey Announce His New Album is Dropping in 10 Days?

Maybe it's wild speculation, or maybe, just maybe, Chance just lowkey announced his new album is a mere ten days away.

We've got it on good word that Chance the Rapper's hyper-awaited third album will be dropping this month, but as April day after day, week after week, has ticked by sheer process of elimination has heightened anticipation. There are only so many days left in the month, and every day that goes by without new music means the chances of the album dropping tomorrow are heightened. But when? When should I tell my family that they're going to have to be cool with me ignoring them for at least one day? 

Today, we got a hint. First, Chance's brother, Taylor Bennett, tweeted this: 

And then, oh so coincidentally, while Taylor's timeline was silent at 3 CST, Chance tweeted this at about the same time: 

LET'S FREAK THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Nathan, I hear the better angels of my rational brain saying, he could just be randomly tweeting out some lyrics to "Pusha Man," or referencing his 10 Day mixtape. Maybe he's just sitting at home, listening to that song, relaxing with his daughter, and tweeted it out on a whim, completely unaware that over-anxious bloggers would take it as a major announcement. Maybe he and his brother aren't coordinating at all. Maybe the fact that ten days from now would place the album's release on the same day as Drake's Views AND make the album release almost exactly three years to the day since Acid Rap dropped (April 30, 2013) is all coincidence. I even emailed Pat the Manager asking for him to stop me from losing my mind and just to confirm the date with me. Maybe I should wait until I hear back from him before I write this? 

Or maybe I don't give a shit. Maybe as rational as I try to be, I'm still capable of getting caught up in fan excitement, especially when Chance's album is my most anticipated project of the year. (Yes, even more than ScHoolboy's next up, certainly more than Views.) I hate headlines that ask questions instead of answering them and yet here I am, but can you blame me? We at least know the tracklist has been narrowed down, and I've heard from a very good source that it's even better than Acid Rap, and Acid Rap helped change the hip-hop world.

See y'all in ten days for that 1 Listen Review