Logic Says He's Working on Two New Albums, Breaks Down Unreleased Verse

Logic dops some hints about new music and while it's exciting, don't hold your breath or you won't be breathing for a long time.

Between Views From the 6 next week, whenever Chance drops, Kanye's apparent video game album and now J. Cole working on a new album, there’s already a lot of new music to look forward to. Make room for Logic.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Logic discusses his plans for releasing music in great detail. The DMV emcee is currently working on not one but two albums, both which fit into a larger framework created by Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story. Although potentially years away from being released, these "concept" albums will feature Logic rapping from different perspectives outside of his own. If it hasn't already been apparent up until this point, the Def Jam recording artist remains driven to take his music to the next level. 

Nothing is set in stone yet, either album is hardly finished - who knows how much material has actually been recorded? - but Logic already has a few bars ready that he casually fired off and then conveniently RapGeniuses them for us.

Damn. For albums still so far from being completed Logic wisely has a distinct narrative and direction mapped out for them. Shit, he even has some pretty dense bars already on deck. The passion in his voice, the dedication to creating a complete listening experience on his full-lengths, the thoughtful lyrics and of course that flow, all have me juiced up like a smoothie on an elevator.

The main knock on Logic is that he draws too heavily from other artists, and there's some validity to that, but here it sounds like he’s committed to creating an experience that only he could create. Hopefully, this incredible story continues.