Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear This Black Thought Harvard Freestyle

Black Thought just effortlessly killed your favorite rapper while sitting on a couch. You need to hear this.

Last year right around this time I wrote one of my finest pieces to date, "Black Thought is the Best Emcee Alive, Period."

To this day it still gets shared every so often. I wish I could say it's all because I wrote a dope piece and dope shit never dies, but I’ve noticed the traffic spikes always seems to correspond with a new Black Thought verse. People hear his work and then immediately rush to Google “Black Thought best emcee” because whenever he raps it leaves you with your brains leaking out of your ears. 

"Black Thought is incredible" is something you can say over and over again because it's true, and each and every release only cements his status as one of the best to ever do it. Just two weeks ago Nathan fawned over his verse on “Making a Murderer” and now Thought is back at it again. But this time around, instead of bodying a beat from 9th Wonder or Statik Selektah, Thought gives us an a cappella at Harvard's i-lab, which definitely qualifies as "Holy shit you need to see this!"

I'd call this a blueprint for any emcee to follow, but there's no blueprint in the world that can teach talent like this. 


Typically, Thought’s raw and relentless approach decimates both the beat and my brain. I’m left in awe. This one is different, though. This freestyle gives you a chance to really hear him, to absorb every drop of knowledge and really break down his cadence. I love how he changed flows without losing momentum, and it's astounding how natural it sounds, how effortless. 

Thought is so full of hip-hop, he just opens his mouth and it comes pouring out. He takes five seconds to gather himself, then proceeds to rattle off bars that are more complex than what most of his peers could come up with after days of writing for an album. This is incredible. Holy shit you need to hear this because Black Thought remains the best emcee alive...period.