Drake's Never Had a No. 1 Solo Hit in the U.S., Will "One Dance" Be His First?

Desiigner somehow has more No. 1 songs in the U.S. than Drake, but it feels like that's going to finally change with "One Dance."

Three months before posting his Views From The 6 cover art, Drake took to his Instagram to share some insight into his career, something he hasn't really done much of since the OVO blog days.

"No accolades really matter to me other than the fact that I have never had a Billboard number one. If I get my first number one during the month of October it will be the biggest moment of my career to date (in my mind)."

Even without an official YouTube stream, "One Dance" has already reached number one in the U.K. (thanks in large part to the inclusion of English singer Kyla), and now Billboard has reported that Drake’s “One Dance” has hit number one in his native Canada as well, giving him his first number one song in both territories. For the first time in his career, he’s quite literally at the top of the North, but he shockingly still hasn't managed to crack that No. 1 spot in the U.S. 



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It seems almost impossible that Drake could have climbed the charts so many times but never reached the peak. He has a charting history that draws comparisons to Biggie and The Beatles, with over 100 songs in the Top 100 altogether, yet he's never reached number one in America. He's come very close with "Best I Ever Had" and "Hotline Bling," both songs that felt absolutely inescapable but stalled out at number two. 

"Find Your Love" and "Started From The Bottom" rose as high as numbers five and six respectively, and he's surfed to the number one spot riding Rihanna's wave twice, with "What's My Name" and then now "Work," but he's never stood alone at the top of the mountain, a feat that oddly several far less popular and prolific artists have accomplished.

Though it doesn't immediately feel as "number one-y" as many of his previous songs, "One Dance" is proving that perhaps the slow burn is the way to number one. No memes, no disses, just a catchy, danceable beat that seems to stick with you long after you play it. Little by little, listen by listen, "One Dance" gets you hooked and it has resulted in unappreciated chart success. With Views imminent, with Peak Drake in full effect, with "One Dance" getting a full head of steam breaking new ground internationally, Drake could finally have his first number one in the U.S. It's about time.



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