Here's What You Need To Know About Drake's "Views" Tracklist

There's 20 songs on Drake's upcoming album and none of them are titled "Summer Sixteen."

UPDATE: Drake's VIEWS is now available for digital purchase via Apple Music. You can read our 1 Listen review here.


After unveiling the album art for VIEWS on Sunday - it's now officially titled VIEWS, not Views From the 6 - Drake returned to social media today with the official tracklisting. There’s a whopping 20 songs on VIEWS, more than any of his previous albums (Take Care has 19), including one interlude and “Hotline Bling” as a bonus track. Maybe the rumors of a double disc were true, except two separate discs means nothing in the age of streaming.

There’s no features attached to the tracklisting, no telling who he has riding shotgun, all we see are the titles, and they're all pretty cryptic and short. I'm certain that “Feel No Ways” will become a hashtag phrase without even hearing the song, that “Grammy” will surely be a boastful tangent about his many gramophones, hopefully "Childs Play" has something to do with Chucky but knowing Drake it's a song a long lost love from preschool, and Toronto natives are already talking about “Weston Road Flows.” When you can get the internet chattering about song titles you know you're a pretty big deal. 



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It’s worth noting that “Summer Sixteen” isn’t included, but “Summers Over Interlude” is; could be a connection there. Other than the singles “Pop Style,” “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance” all these songs are fairly new. “Controlla” did leak a few weeks back, along with "Faithful" but those are the only two records to surface without OVO authorization. 

Yesterday, 40 tweeted that he “Just finished” the album, but returned 20 minutes later saying “I take it back. Almost.” Nine hours went by before he tweeting, “Ok I’m done. For real.” This series of tweets makes me believe that the album was completed just yesterday. We aren’t dealing with an album that was finished in advance, turned into the label and sent for manufacturing and distribution, which is why it hasn’t leaked like Drake’s previous albums. Thanks to streaming you can literally finish your biggest album the day before it’s meant to go live.

Unless Apple and iTunes somehow screws up or a disgruntled tech worker risks life and limb to steal the VIEWS flashdrive, Drake is well on his way to premiering his album in it’s entirety on OVO Radio tomorrow night, Thursday, 4/28.

20 songs, no leak and a global listening party - Drake might’ve wasted the perfect title for his album on his 2015 collaboration with Future. 

By Yoh, aka The Writer Formerly Known As Yoh , aka @Yoh31. Image via Instagram.



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