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Drake & Kanye's Joint Album Will Never Happen & That's a Good Thing

Drake revealed that he and Kanye were supposed to do an album together, still might. Here's to hoping it never actually happens.
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Kanye’s last visit to the Breakfast Club was over a year ago, it was in that interview he announced the possibility of doing a full-length collaboration with Drake. Wolves was the tentative title, questioning excitement was the emotion. After he left the room, no more words on this tape were ever spoken - it was like a joke that he forgot to add “April Fools” to.

Fans have become scorned lovers, always doubtful of rapper promises, we've been let down enough to know better than to let our hope inflate. There was a burst of anxiousness for more information at first but it didn’t last, the forthcoming months brought no howls at the cherry moon. The focus was on getting the CDQ for the Drake-less "Wolves" we heard, and even that took longer than a child being cooked in the womb.

A year later, during his interview with Zane Lowe, Drake finally spoke on the joint musical venture.

Kanye lives up the block. We have a few things that we’ve worked on. It’s all about finding a place for it. ‘Ye is one of my favorite people in the world ... I hope we get some more music out. We were supposed to do a mixtape, album together.

Well there you have it. Wheelchair Jimmy and the College Dropout are practically neighbors, Kanye is one of Drake’s favorite people, but their mixtape/album never left the “supposed to” stage. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, the two are way too busy for any extra curricular albums. Sitting down and making them happen would take locking in like Jay and Ye did. 2 Chainz and Wayne are practically best friends and it took them years to make Collegrove happen. 

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It’s also worth noting that Kanye’s deal with TIDAL and Drake’s partnership with Apple would only further complicate any collaboration. Jay wouldn’t let Apple have such a subscription-enticer and the ghost of Steve Jobs would haunt any fool that would turn over the exclusivity to the biggest collaboration since Watch The Throne. Going through the label’s red tape is already an impossible feat, imagine the tug-of-war that would ensue between these two tech companies. There’s a small chance it would have happened before, when it seemed that Drake could be leaving Young Money, but even if he did take his talents to G.O.O.DMusic this album escaping the shadows of greed is slimmer than a supermodel on a diet. 

Maybe the shadows are the best place for it. Similar to the joint-project between J. Cole and Kendrick, it seems like a brilliant idea in theory. We believe that when two talents enter into the studio together that the end result will be this magical, life-altering, culture shifting album.

Once you start to think about it in reality though, you have to stop seeing these artists in their prime and accept them for who they are in the present. We love to take the best of them and assume that quality will be brought to the surface for this fictional album. The man who brought us 808’s & Heartbreaks and the rapper-singer that album birthed would probably bring us more displeasure together than they do apart.  

"Pop Style" is the present. It’s like Batman vs. Superman, this blockbuster film that was surrounded by hype. It sold well, breaking box office records in the process, but the reviews dripped with disappointment. From the critics to the biggest fans, the lack of satisfaction is proof that expectations were set too high, so it was easy to be let down. Ultimately, it wasn’t what the viewers expected. Kanye and Drake's joint album would break the internet, but then it would likely break our music loving hearts.

If the two decided not to release an album and just be pool buddies, spending their weekends watching Anchorman 2 and Degrassi reruns, I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep. I actually might sleep better. Here's to hoping it never happens. 

By Yoh, aka YOHshimitsu , aka @Yoh31. Images via Apple Music/Instagram.



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