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All 71 People Credited on Drake's 'VIEWS' Album

Bet you didn't know that DMX, Kanye, and Diddy all have credits.

We know you're nearing "Please, No More Articles About Drake" territory. We feel you. 

A reader, hell, a writer, can only take so much Drizzy, even following what's going to assuredly be one of the most popular albums of 2016. But we just couldn't close out our Views coverage, for now at least, without a Liner Notes Breakdown.

LNB's have become a DJBooth tradition, and the main reason we run them is that they highlight just how many people not named Aubrey Graham it takes to make an album of this size. Spoiler alert: it's a lot of people. And we're not just talking about ghostsongwriters, we're talking about co-producers, harp players and mixers, background vocalists, keyboard players and a sample clearance department. 

In an effort to preserve just some small shred of our sanity we can't list every single person even tangentially listed in the official credits (our apologies to mixing assistants and the legal team) but we're damn close, and if this list gives you a sense of just how many musicians, most of whom will never become household names, it takes to make an album of this scale, all the work will be worth it. 

Let's dig in. 


Songwriting credit on “Controlla”

Someone named Aquaman is credited on Views, what a way to start. Not the superhero Aquaman, but the artist who co-wrote “Tear Of Mi Garmet,” which was sampled on “Controlla.” No disrespect, but I was kind of hoping it was the other Aquaman. Views from Atlantis.


Additional Background vocals on “Hype”

Baka Not Nice is a member of Drake’s entourage who was given a shout out on “Know Yourself” and credited on Nothing Was The Same. He’s been in and out of jail, charged with crimes of human trafficking and most recently (as of 2015) assault, but that hasn’t stopped Drake from keeping him close and even putting him on the album. For a man who is so image-conscious, you have to wonder if he should create some separation, but that’s a think-piece that doesn't belong here.

Ayodeji Balogun (Wizkid)

Songwriting & production credit on “One Dance”

Wizkid’s contribution on Views is not news, a Nigerian Afropop artist, he’s a major catalyst behind the vibes of “One Dance” and a sign of Drake's increasingly international aspirations. 

Beenie Man

Songwriting credit and background vocals on "Controlla"

The reggae and dancehall legend replaced Popcaan from the leaked version of "Controlla" after Drake decided to include a sample of Beenie's "Tear Off Mi Garment." 

Mary J. Blige

Songwriting credit on "Weston Road Flows" 

Along with Diddy, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul gets a songwriting credit because the record samples her classic R&B jam, "Mary's Joint." You can't have an album heavily influenced by '90s R&B without Mary. 

Maneesh Biyade

Songwriting & production credits on "Keep the Family Close" "Summers Over Interlude" and "Views"

Although this is the biggest look for the Toronto DJ/producer/songwriter to date, Maneesh is no rookie. He also co-produced “Charged Up,” has worked with DVSN, and co-produced Travis Scott’s “Maria, I’m Drunk.” Keep your eye on this young man. 

Jahron Brathwaite (PND)

Feature and songwriting credit on “With You” & songwriting credit on "U with Me?"

Brathwaite is better known as PartyNextDoor. Odds are if you care enough to read a piece on the Views liner notes you already knew who he is. While prominently featured  on “With You” he also has a writing credit on “U with Me?” Expect more PND reference tracks from the album to surface any day now...

David Brooks (Mavado)

Songwriting credit on “9”

Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist David Brooks, AKA Mavado, has a writing credit on “9.” It’s not the first time Mavado has been closely aligned with Drizzy--see “Find Your Love”--but here it’s only because Drizzy sampled his tune "Dying."

Divine Brown

Background Vocals on "U With Me?"

For those about to get their Google on, this isn't Divine Brown the famous prostitute. This is Divine Brown the Canadian singer and actress who's had some hits in the U.S.

Chad Butler (Pimp C)

Feature and songwriting credit on “Faithful”

Pimp C!!! Pimp C!!!! Still kind of weird to hear him on a Drake album, especially a song like “Faithful,” but Pimp C!!!! Also, how crazy is it for DVSN to have a song with Pimp C? There's absolutely no way the newcomers could have ever predicted they'd have a record with one-half of UGK in their ever-growing discography, album truth is often stranger than fiction. 

Noel "Gadget" Campbell


Considering how many overlooked people there are on this list, Campbell might be the most overlooked. The average music fan doesn't even know that album mixing is a job, let alone could name an engineer. Like MixedByAli on the TDE side, if you like how any of these Views records sound, you need to be bowing down at the altar of Campbell. 

And yes, I know, it's ironic that I just wrote all that and we aren't going to give the rest of the sound crew their own mentions; additional shout outs go to Chris Athens for mastering and Les Bateman and Lindsay Warnner for engineering the entire album.  

Darhyl "DJ" Camper

Background Vocals on "Faithful"

Otherwise known as DJ Camper, the veteran songwriter and producer has worked with a Who's Who of A-List artists, including Jay Z, Big Sean, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown and John Legend.

Dwayne Carter, Jr. (Lil Wayne)

Songwriting Credit on “Child’s Play”

Lil Wayne?! Woah. Obviously, he’s not featured on the song, so I’m still trying to figure out what his input was exactly, but my guess would be it has something to do with the sample of the Bounce classic “She Rode That Dick Like A Soldier.” A New Orleans connection? 

Jahmar Carter (Daxz)

Songwriting and production credit on “Still Here”

In addition to helping out on “Still,” the twenty-year-old T-Dot producer previously collabed with Drake on the GRAMMY-nominated “Back To Back.” Not a bad look for a young producer, huh?

Dwayne Chin-Quee (Supa Dups)

Songwriting credit on “Too Good” & “Controlla.” Production credit on “Controlla”

Views is full of up-and-comers and unknowns. Supa Dups is not one of them. Chin-Quee has a hell of a resume with credits on Eminem's Recovery, Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox and John Legend’s Evolver. He’s also worked heavily with some reggae artists like Sublime With Rome, SOJA and Collie Budz, which explains the reggae vibes on “Controlla.” He also has a credit on Drizzy’s Take Care. Impressive. Also worth noting, while he has a songwriting credit on “Too Good” he does not have a production credit.

Sean Combs

Songwriting credit on “Weston Road Flows”

Puff Daddy gets credited here because he co-wrote Mary J. Blige’s “Mary’s Joint,” which is sampled on “Weston Road Flows.” While not at the same time and not live in the studio, Drake has Weezy, Kanye and Puff all credited on Views, which is noteworthy. 

Daniel Daley

Feature and writing credit on "Faithful"

DVSN has shrouded themselves in mystery, but it’s no mystery anymore. Though we called it two months ago, seeing as how Daley and Nineteen85 are both credited on “Faithful,” this all but makes it official; these two are DVSN.

Chantal Dube

Harp on “Keep The Family Close” U With Me?” and “Childs Play”

One of the more unique credits on the album, Drake brought in a T-Dot harpist to lay down some fat harp beats. It’s crazy, one minute she’s doing galas and bridal showers then the next she’s on Drake’s album.

Faith Evans

Songwriting credit on "U with Me?"

R&B veteran Faith Evans gets a credit because she was featured on DMX’s “How’s It Going Down,” which was sampled on “U With Me?”

Adam Feeney (Frank Dukes)

Songwriting and production credits on ""Pop Style" & "Hotline Bling"

A liner note regular, Dukes now has credits on TLOP, Untitled Unmastered., Anti, and now Views. Sweet baby Jesus, Frank is eating in 2016! Seriously, I'd put his resume up against any other producer right now. We called it months ago

Robyn Fenty (Rihanna)

Feature and songwriting credit on “Too Good”

Rihanna! She's the one Drake's standing next to. 

Anthony Fields

Songwriting credit on “U with Me”

Fields co-wrote DMX’s “How’s It Going Down” which, as we already know, was sampled on “U With Me?” so he gets a nod in the credits. Almost two decades after he wrote the original song, Fields again lands in album liner notes. 

Sabrina Galmo

Background Vocals on "Keep the Family Close"

She's the one on the intro saying, "It's chilly out there." Presumably, she's getting an official credit so she doesn't sue Drake like the girl from the "Marvin's Room" voicemail. Galmo doesn't seem to exist on the internet, which in 2016 suggests that might not be her actual name. 

The Fat Boys

Songwriting credit on "Child's Play"

What? The Fat Boys as in THEE Fat Boys??? I have to imagine it's because Drake quoted one of their lines, but I haven't been able to figure out which one yet. 


Feature on "Grammys" and Songwriting credit on "Feel No Ways"

Aside from his appearance on "Grammys," did anyone else realize that Future wrote on this album? I wonder if "Feel No Ways" is something that started in the WATTBA days or if Drake and Future have such a strong relationship Drizzy regularly brings him into recording sessions now?  

Deborah Mannish Gardner

Sample Clearance

Though you’ve likely never heard her name before, Deborah Mannish Gardner is likely the reason your favorite song on your favorite album made the album. She’s in charge of clearing samples for everyone from Drake to Kendrick to Beyoncé to Wayne, and even does clearances for video games. Her life is nothing but samples. I want her life.

Davie "Jelleestone" Garty

Background Vocals on "9"

I have to assume he's the voice we hear in the intro. Jelleestone is a rapper in his own right, although this is clearly the biggest look of his career so far. 

Kevin Gomringer & Tim Gomringer

Production credit on “Hype”

Kevin and Tim Gomringer are better known as the German production duo, Cubeatz. In addition to “Hype” they also have a credit on “Summer Sixteen” and the now infamous “R.I.C.O.”

Devin Goode

Songwriting credit on “U With Me?”

Goode joins DMX, Faith Evans, and Fields as people receiving credit for the “How’s It Going Down” sample.

Aubrey Graham

Drake. It's Drake. You know Drake. 

Craig Harrisingh & David Harrisingh

Songwriting credit on “9”

Craig & David Harrisingh combine to make a dancehall production duo - they also produced Mavado's "Dying." Yet another dancehall act being credited on Views. Also here’s an interview with them from 2013; bet they didn't see a Drake credit coming. 

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Anderson Hernandez (Vinylz)

Songwriting Credit on “U With Me?”

Vinylz is a premiere producer (he has worked with the likes of J. Cole, Big Sean and Weezy) with a history of working with Drake, Allen Ritter, and Boi-1da, so it’s no surprise at all to see him on Views.

Daveon Jackson

Songwriting credit on “Grammys”

Yung Exclusive (AKA Daveon Jackson) can often be found producing alongside Cardo. Both have features on Jay Rock’s “Rock City,” two songs off Untitled Unmastered., and Meek’s “I Got The Juice.” His close relationship with Cardo likely explains his appearance on Views.

Paul Jefferies  (Nineteen85)

Production and songwriting credits on "Hype" "Faithful" "One Dance" "Too Good" "Hotling Bling" and a Feature credit on “Faithful” (DVSN)

Wow. With production and songwriting credits on five different cuts, Jefferies is the third most credited artists behind only Drizzy and 40; and that's not including his DVSN feature! What Boi-1da was to IYRTITL, Ninteen85 is to Views.


Background vocals on “With You”

Whoa, Jeremih on Views? Makes sense this song has that dark-yet-soft Jeremih type sound to it. First time I heard this, I actually assumed this was The-Dream singing. 


Feature and songwriting credit on “One Dance”

Kind of old news, but UK pop artist Kyla appears on “One Dance” via the sample of her tune “Do You Mind?” Though her name doesn't ring out in the streets of ‘Murica, she a pretty well-known name in Britain and is a huge reason why the song was Drake’s first #1 across the pond.

Ron LaTour

Songwriting & Production credit on “Grammys"

Cardo got wingzzzzzzz. I mentioned this back when he was credited on untitled unmastered, but Cardo to me is one of the more underrated producers in the game. His work on “Grammys,” one of the few bangers on the album, demonstrates how potent his beats can be. 

Joshua Luellen

Songwriting & Production credit on “Grammys"

You know him better as Southside. A frequent collaborator on Kanye’s The Life of Pablo, Luellen his lone songwriting and production credit on “Grammys.”

Shane Lindstrom (Murda Beatz)

Songwriting and production credit on "With You"

Murda Beatz is a go-to producer for Migos and has also worked with Ty Dolla $ign and Young Thug. It's interesting he worked on "With You" as it doesn't really scream trap. 

Craig Marsh

Songwriting credit on “9”

Craig Marsh is the government name of Serani, who was featured on the Mavado's "Dying," which was sampled on "9."

Majid Al Maskati

Songwriting credit on "Summers Over Interlude"

OVO's own Majid Jordan appearing on Views is no shock, but it's interesting that the duo does not appear together. Majid Al Maskati, the singing half, has a songwriting credit on "Summers Over Interlude," but Jordan Ullman, the producer half, is featured on a few other songs (without Majid Al Maskati).

Carl McCormik (Cardiak)

Additional music on “With You”

Cardiak is a prominent producer who has appeared on several other liner note digs (see Compton and FHD). Here he only has an “additional music” credit. I wonder what that means exactly? Maybe this Instagram post explains it. Sounds like Murda Beatz flipped his sample.

Stephen McGregor

Songwriting and production credit on "Controlla"

McGregor, AKA Di Genius, is a Jamaican dancehall producer. This one is not just a sample, Di Genius actually helped produce "Controlla."

James Vincent McMorrow

Background Vocals on "Hype"

McMorrow is an Irish singer with the kind of constantly heartbroken voice that Drake loves, but as many times as I've listened to "Hype" I still can't hear his contribution. 

Brian Alexander Morgan

Songwriting and production credit on "9"

Morgan is a producer who has previously worked with Lalah Hathaway (featured on To Pimp A Butterfly), Usher, JoJo and Tamar Braxton. Based off his resume, I'd say he leans more to the R&B side of things through "9" doesn't scream (or croon rather) R&B. 

Axel Morgan

Songwriting & Production credit on "U With Me?"

I'm assuming Axel Morgan is the real name of producer "AxlFolie" who is part of TDE's Digi+Phonics. Morgan has credits on Oxymoron and At.Long.Last.ASAP as well a record with the UK's Lil Simz. This Instagram post leads me to believe he also produced on G.K.M.C. For a producer with that resume, he's surprisingly flying under the radar. 

Dacoury Natche

Songwriting and production credit on "U With Me?"

DJ Dahi! I guess I shouldn't be shocked by this credit considering he's one of the biggest producers in the game. Now that I think about it, those drums have Dahi written all over them. Also "U With Me?" is emerging as one of the more star-studded tracks on the album. 40, Kanye, Vinylz, Axel and now Dahi? That's a lot of big cooks in the same kitchen.

Michael Peter Olsen

Cello on “Feel No Ways,” “Weston Road Flows,” “Redemption,” “Faithful,” “Controlla,” “Childs Play”

Michael Peter Olsen is one of the more non-hip-hop names on Views. The Canadian artist has worked with the likes of Arcade Fire and K-os, and on Views he played the cello on six tracks. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but that’s almost as many songs as Boi-1da, so he definitely deserves some love.


Songwriting and vocal credit on "Too Good"

He may have been taken off "Controlla," but Popcaan still makes his presence felt on Views with a sample of his “Love Yuh Bad” song along with his vocals on the outro. 

Ricci Riera

Songwriting and production credit on "U With Me?"

Riera's name is new to me, and I spend way too much time looking through liner notes. Still, he's got a solid resume with credits on GO:OD AM, Oxymoron, and Casey Veggies' Live & Grow. With a Views credit now under his belt might be one to keep an eye on...

Allen Ritter

Songwriting and production credit on "Controlla" and Production credit on "Pop Style"

A frequent collaborator with Vinylz and Boi-1da (appearing with the latter on The Life of Pablo) Ritter continues the trend with his work on "Controlla" and "Pop Style," though interestingly he does not have a songwriting credit on "Pop Style." 

Tamir Ruffin

Songwriting credit on “U With Me?”

Tamir Ruffin, known also as Nokio the N-Tity (your guess is as good as mine), was a founder of Dru Hill. He gets a credit on “U With Me?” - the first half of this album is loaded with R&B players.

Earl Simmons (DMX)

Songwriting credit on “U With Me”

DMX! Last in the credits for the sample of “How’s It Going Down” but first in our hearts. Without exaggeration, being included on this album is the biggest moment of X's career in years. 

Matthew Samuels (“Boi-1da”)

Songwriting and Production credits on "9," "Hype," "Faithful," "Controlla," "Pop Style" and Songwriting on "Views"

It's no shock that Boi-1da is all over this album considering that, next to 40, Samuels is Drake's go-to beatsmith. In fact, based on how involved he was on IYRTITL it's actually more shocking that he isn't featured here more. 

Noah Shebib (40)

Songwriting and Production credits on "9" "U With Me?" "Feel No Ways" "Hype" Weston Road Flows" "Redemption" "Faithful" "Controlla" "One Dance" "Grammys" "Childs Play" "Pop Style" "Fire & Desire"

It would have been easier to list the songs 40 didn't contribute to. 40 gets plenty of love, but for how involved and how instrumental he is to Drake's music, I don't think it's enough. Like Ryan Lewis, it's crazy to think about how popular and well-known he could be if he ever decided to produce for anyone else. But he's clearly found his lane and goddamn it's a lucrative one. 

Dalton Tennant

Piano on "U With Me?," "Weston Road Flows," 'Faithful," Child's Play

Tennant, also known as D10, is a piano and keyboard player who's worked with Drake before and has also produced for Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Jennifer Hudson, Bun B and more. Tennant is the reason we do these pieces. There are so many more ways to make music your life, and be successful, than having your name in lights. 

Rupert "Sevn" Thomas

Songwriting and production credit on "Pop Style"

Thomas may not be on Boi-1da's level but he's starting to build quite the relationship with Drizzy. He has four credits on two songs off If Your Reading This It's Too Late and has a credit on "Work," which of course features Drake. 

Timmy Thomas

Songwriting Credit on "Hotline Bling"

This is old news, but Timmy Thomas "Why Can't We Live Together" is sampled on "Hotline Bling"

Anthony Tucker (The Beat Bully)

Songwriting and Production credit on "Hype"

Beat Bully's name is new to me, but that's my own fault; the dude has been working. He has credits on a few DJ Khaled albums, a few Meek albums (interesting there are a few Meek/Drake connections here), T.I.'s Paperwork and Wiz Khalifa's  Blacc Hollywood.

Jordan Ullman

Songwriting and production on "Feel No Ways" production credit on "Childs Play"

The Jordan of Majid Jordan, Ullman handles production duties for the OVO duo. As I mentioned earlier, though, he does not appear on a song with Majid. 

Leland Tyler Wayne (Metro Boomin)

Songwriting and production credit on "Childs Play"

Metro Boomin' stays getting more, now having appeared on Views, The Life Of Pablo, EVOL and JoyrideThe best producer of 2015 continues to kill it at the highest level. 

Phillip Weatherspoon

Songwriting credit on "U With Me?"

Weatherspoon co-wrote DMX's "What These Bitches Want," which was sampled on "U With Me?" Insane how many people got brought into a Drake album because they wrote a DMX song in 1998. 

Kanye West

Songwriting credit and production credit on "U With Me?"

Seeing Kanye's name in the credits wasn't a huge surprise, they are best friends after all, but "Feel No Ways" sounds nothing like a Kanye beat - well maybe a little like some "FML" or "30 Hours." Do people realize Kanye still contributed to this album even though he got removed from "Pop Style"?

Ozan Yildirim (OZ)

Songwriting and production credit on "U With Me?"

"OZ" Yildirim is a Swiss producer who has worked with Jeremih, G-Eazy, Rick Ross, and, you guessed it, Meek Mill. 


We couldn't track down specific information on the following people, but they're credited in the liner notes and deserve to be credited here: Adrian Bent, Adrian "X" Eccleston, Anne Dudley, Beverly Crandon, Greg Moffett, Rocho Holiday, Voyce and William Young.

Well there you have it, from dancehall DJs to Meek Mill producers to Kanye West, there are over 70 people credited on Drake's Views. Of course, as we all already know, the thing about Drake albums is not about who is credited, but who isn't...



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