Skepta Accidentally Reveals Drake Isn't Actually Signed to His BBK Label

Despite what the rest of the internet is reporting, Drake is (still) clearly not signed to the English grime label BBK.

Writing every day means occasionally being proven wrong, and no one likes to be wrong. Especially in an age when the internet can be so unmerciful in correcting mistakes, many writers are so scared of incurring a "well, actually" tweet they're not willing to call a circle a circle, even when it's obviously a circle.   

If for no other reason than I'd be bored to death writing the same thing as everyone else, I often take the plunge and call a circle a circle. Case in point, when the rest of the internet rushed to report that Drake had signed to Skepta's BBK grime label, I felt obligated to point out there was no way that was actually true. Drake's locked into multiple contracts with multiple other labels and can't just go around signing to others, that's the entire point of a label signing an artist, to prevent them from something to others. In fact, I felt so confident I was right I wrote: 

...if Drake ever legally releases music through BBK I'll print out this post and eat it.

And then today I saw that Miss Info had reported, "Skepta Confirms Drake Has Signed to Boy Better Know," and then FADER followed with, "Skepta Says That Drake Actually Has Signed To BBK," and I started checking the ink cartridge levels in the printer. I was wrong and I was a man of my word, time to get to eating. 

Thankfully though, I actually read the Skepta interview they cited and I came to the exact opposite conclusion. While FADER focused on the "It’ll be separate to his existing contracts," portion of Skepta's quote, here's the full text of what he actually said: 

"We’re putting together an official worldwide BBK label. But we haven’t talked about how it’ll work yet. It’ll be separate to his existing contracts. 

They haven't even talked about how it'll work yet

That's the exact opposite of being contractually signed. "How it'll work" isn't some small detail to be hashed out later, some mere formality. How Drake would be simultaneously signed to YMCMB/Cash Money, have his OVO deal with Warner Brothers, and be signed to BBK is everything. Reading that quote and coming to the conclusion that he's "actually" signed is like announcing the grand opening of a new building when you haven't even drawn up the blueprints yet.

Drake's free to be a part of the BBK as a member of the crew, hop onstage with them at concerts, promote Skepta's new album on Instagram, even say that he's "signed," as long as he hasn't actually signed a contract. And he clearly hasn't actually signed a contract. 

I could very well still end up eating my words someday. The multi-million dollar question no one's been able to answer for years now is when Drake's deal with YMCMB/Cash Money will end. Once it does all bets are off. And there's the slim chance that Wayne and Birdman could come to an agreement with Skepta that allows Drake to also be signed to BBK (although Lil Wayne and Birdman aren't exactly on good terms right now, to put it mildly.) 

I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again, but right here, right now, my stomach's still paper free.