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Holy Sh*t You Need To Watch Jazz Cartier's "Red Alert / 100 Roses" Video

We've seen 360 degree videos before, but no one's ever done it as well as Jazz Cartier just did.

Holy shit. The words unexpectedly tumbled from my lips while watching the new “Red Alert/100 Roses” music video. After hearing good things about Jazz Cartier I expected good, even great, but after multiple views the only respectable responsible is to grab everyone you know and make sure they watch too.

It's so rare to see a creative idea like nothing you've seen before. Amongst the trend followers and swagger jackers you’ll get something unique, creative, forward thinking. What Jazz and director Jon Riera have delivered isn't the first 360° Virtual Reality Video (just recently Run the Jewels droppped a great one), but it's the best I've seen yet. 

To experience the 360 effect the video must be watched on Google Chrome, Firefox, or the smartphone YouTube application. In your browser you’ll notice in the right hand corner the ability to rotate the video, on your phone you can simply move the screen what your fingers. It’s a small interactive feature that brings the video to life. There’s gorgeous scenery b-roll that appears first before showing Jazz in this strange parking garage with the light hanging above. He walks through this strange lightning box, and you see the silhouette of bodies moving, when he enters the glowing red side there’s a group of people sitting mostly still but making subtle movements. Everything is alive and moving without being a major force in the narrative.



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The driving car scene is even more insane. In the behind-the-scenes video we learn that 10 Go Pros that can rotate 360 degrees were used to capture the outdoor scenes. What I love about the driving scene is the ability to watch it from many different angles. You can watch from the front positioned to see the driver, the swirling purple mass and the lightning in the sky. A light rotate will put the focus on Jazz hanging out the window turning up like they’re headed to Freaknik 2016 and not the apocalypse. Another rotation and there’s a white man driving in a car that’s yelling out of the window. He looks like one of those kidnappers from the Taken movies who snatched up Liam Neeson's daughter. I wouldn’t pull over for him either.

“100 Roses,” the second half of the video, takes place outside. The main focus is on multiple Jazz’, you can scroll left and right and each one is moving and shaking differently. They’re like shadow clones with a mind of their own, impossible to just focus on one. If you tilt the video up you notice that the sky is also moving. He’s right under a swirling purple mass. It is both very trippy and extremely cool how much is pulling at your attention. Trying to take it all in is nearly impossible.

Now anyone with a virtual reality helmet can also experience the video. I watched it on my TV that just happens to be a big enough screen where you can immerse yourself in every scene of the video without a screen rotation. I imagine that’s what the virtual reality experience is like and it’s visually incredible. You’ll have to watch the video more the once, more than twice, to even catch every single detail.

Animation, constellations changing, movement, videos happening within videos, holy shit, now this is a futuristic way of viewing music.

Yoh, aka The Writer Formerly Known As Yoh , aka @Yoh31



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