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ScHoolboy Q Reaches New Heights as Song With Kanye West Seems Imminent

Six years ago an unknown ScHoolboy Q said that his dream was to work with Kanye. It looks like dreams come true.
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“Get Top on the phone.” Since the release of Kendrick’s Untitled Unmastered the infectious phrase has been quoted up and down social media by fans far and wide.

Today Kanye broke his three day Twitter silence to tweet the lyric in all caps but he wasn’t just quoting Kendrick, it was a message for ScHoolboy Q. Immediately the internet went into a level-five meltdown. This is Kanye West tweeting Q (not Kendrick who he's supposed to have 40 songs with) telling him to get Top on the phone. What else could it mean but a collab is on the way? 

In addition to the tweets an Instagram post has surfaced with a screenshot from an email that’s casting for a Schoolboy Q and Kanye West music video in Los Angeles on Friday. Overlooking the fact that the account is trying to sell the casting information for $10 through Paypal (really?), the email itself is real and brings up the possibility that Q’s next single will feature Kanye. “Groovy Tony” is not a lead single for the radio but doing a song with Yeezy has commercial potential.

Q’s response to Ye’s tweet was "#THatPart," which could be a cryptic inside joke or the title of his next singleCali saying to agree with or confirm something. I still believe that TDE orchestrated LeBron’s tweet about releasing Kendrick’s late night performances, we just witnessed their cryptic Twitter announcement for their new artist, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye’s tweet to Q was all apart of the rollout. Hell, it got me typing this so from a marketing perspective all eyes are on those two without a single not being heard. 

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Old tweets always tend to surface showcasing an artist talking recklessly about someone who's now a peer or about one of the many giants that hovered over them from the mountain top, and an old tweet from 2010 popped back today, one of ScHoolboy saying he would rather work with Kanye over any of these other rappers. It took six years for it to happen, but dreams truly do come true.

Q’s album will likely be in our ears before the summer ends. I don’t expect him to pull a Beyoncé and spontaneously drop his album without any attempt at building the buzz a bit. A single should be dropping soon, and if Kanye’s name is attached as rapper or producer, consider it a blessing from above.

Who would have ever thought that ScHoolboy Q would make it this far? I knew he had promise, charisma, and style but he has crossed over far deeper into the mainstream than I ever expected. Shows hard work and tweeting your collaborations into existence can pay off.  

UPDATE: Q has released his new single, "THat Part," featuring none other than Kanye West. You can stream and purchase the single via Apple Music.

By Yoh, aka Sherlock Yohmes, aka @Yoh31. Photo Credit to Dan Garcia.



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