Chance Was Experimenting With Updating Music Before Kanye West

Kanye's ever evolving "The Life of Pablo" feels revolutionary, but Chance has been doing it for years.

On “Blessings,” the final song on Coloring Book, Chance raps that he's “Kanye’s best prodigy.” Out of the many offspring born in this post-College Dropout industry, Chance is one of the more worthy artists to wave that flag. Creative, daring, innovative, he embodies many of the same traits of a young 'Ye. The fact that the two are collaborators says a lot about the mutual respect there.

The Life Of Pablo was delayed because of Chance, his feelings about the song “Waves” was enough to postpone an the album that was meant to be released during the Season 3 fashion show. There’s multiple versions of “Waves,” including one that Chance played on his Snapchat a few months ago, a version that came about because Kanye left him alone in the studio with producers, a choir and enough time to create. Due to Kanye’s infatuation with continuously updating his album, Chance says it’s possible that one day we could hear hear “Waves 2.5.”

In his new interview with Complex, Chance talks about how a few years ago he used Soundcloud in the same way that Kanye is using streaming services now. Instead of an album, he was updating the loosies that were released with the Social Experiment and crafting something like a constantly changing and evolving album in the process.

We wrote about it last year, how Chance’s Soundcloud was its own special album in a way and also an on-going art project. Three versions of "Home Studio" and four versions of "Sunday Candy" have been been revealed there. He also uploaded songs like “Isa Illa,” which eventually appeared on Nosaj Thing’s 2015 album Fated,and “Hiatus,” a song that he posted then later deleted from SoundCloud, an experiment in social music he runs frequently. 

Before we give Kanye the credit for really originating the ever-evolving album, we have to acknowledge that in many ways Chance was going at it first, just on a smaller stage.  At least a year before Kanye was picking sides in the streaming wars he was on Soundcloud tinkering with the possibilities of songs never being finished, of new music appearing and then disappearing overnight. It was almost like a trick, only those who were constantly on his Soundcloud and had an ear for detail could pick up on the changes.

It’s possible that in this case, instead of Kanye rubbing off on Chance, it was Chance who rubbed off on Kanye. Sometimes it’s the son who teaches the father.  

Yoh, aka Yoh & The Internet Experiment, aka @Yoh31