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Four Awesome Artists Under 1,000 Followers

Is it possible to find three amazing artists that have under 1,000 followers? Yes. Yes it is. Here's the proof.

For real. For really real. Under 1,000 is my favorite series to write. I love sharing great music that would otherwise likely go unheard. We don't run this feature for retweets or pageviews, but it’s been very humbling to see each Under 1K post surpass the last in popularity because it means this series has really resonated with DJBooth Nation, and I think I know why. Whether you're writing or listening, there's just no purer joy than the feeling of discovering new music. 

Four new artists, all with less than 1K Twitter followers, all making great music that's somehow stayed under the radar (so far). 

Let's get to it once again... 

JordxnBryant (925 Followers) and Aus Taylor (674 Followers):

Am I allowed to do two artists at once? Why not? It’s my damn article and I do what I want! If these were two random, completely unrelated artists it wouldn’t make much sense, but Baltimore natives Jordxn Bryant and Aus Taylor are as inseparable as Phil and Lil and, considering I found them both on Bryant’s “For Now,” it didn’t seem right to give one shine and not the other.

I love the way they compliment each other over producer Howiewonder's caliginous production. Aus’ growling, tumbling flow really works well paired with Bryant’s more firm, jabbing approach and the way their vocals overlap on the hook really sets this atmospheric effort off. They are two different artists, but it’s clear they have a natural chemistry, one you can really hear when they trade bars on “Juice.”

Man, the way the song progresses is so unconventional but I still love it. The key is the way the two emcees work off of one another. Their chemistry and ability to maneuver over an off-kilter beat, while in sync, gives this song the consistency it needs to hit. These two don’t always work together, but I discovered them at the same time, I love what I've heard from them together, and they are both at under 1,000 followers; it just felt right to share them together.  

KHIRY oviim (632 Followers):

How much would you be willing to sacrifice for your dreams? Your computer? Your Netflix account? Your Beats headphones? What about your family and your home? Meet KHIRY oviim. According to the DMV rapper's GoFundMe, he's literally sacrificed it all to make music. 

Hello, my name is Khiry Maxberry and I am a progressing musical artist who is currently homeless due to being told to leave my home by my parents. I love my parents with all of my heart but I have come to realize that being in their household was not the best living situation for myself at all given their unmoved opposition to me wanting to pursue music as a career.  To date, I have been homeless for nearly five months.



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Try as you might, oviim's story will make you appreciate his music that much more. Artists talk about how dedicated they are, how much they want "this," but how many would be willing to sacrifice the roof over their heads? But even before you read his story, his hunger and his passion is as palpable as his talent. “Pray” simply jumped out of my speakers and into my head.

What stands out the most on “Pray” is KHIRY’s ability to ooze charisma while still being able to tackle some heavy subjects. Lines like, “1-800 dial tone must have been pops / then the phone went dead /’I love you buddy’ that’s all he said / Words don’t keep your sons stomach fed” have some real weight to them, which helps the song to never once lose its vibrancy. The same goes for “Foreplay: black & Unmastered”:

The thoughtful lyrics, the unique flow, the charisma, the hunger, the beat, everything. This kid has the talent and it’s clear he has the passion and the drive. If you've been searching far and wide for a new underdog to root for, look no further. 

Kali Phoenix (No Twitter, no Facebook, no Soundcloud, no nothing)

In my effort to find the most powerful, most unknown music on the internet, I found an artist who does not have a single social media account to her name. What. The. Actual. Fuck? Even my Dad has Facebook. While Kali Phoenix' social media strategy left me befuddled, her music begs no questions. She's outstanding. 

As I searched for her internet whereabouts I listened to her entire album, which is currently streaming on SoundCloud. Bad move. I quickly became obsessed with finding her. I was up until 2:30 in the morning trying to locate her whereabouts. While I may not have her identity down - the closest I got was the Facebook page of her producer, Hundred Strong - I have this EP to hold onto. I'm already hooked into the way Phoenix and Hundred Strong so effortlessly draw from so many different styles but really create a distinct, incredibly flavorful sound. I'm not sure what the deal here is, all I know is this music has me fascinated. 

Well there you have it, four more amazing artists Under 1,000. Every time I pen this column I leave with a new found appreciation for how much amazing music is out there that is just waiting to be found. This started out as a challenge, to see if it was even possible to find anything good under 1,000, and here I am, squeezing two artists into one entry. There's always something amazing to listen to, something that'll shake your world up, but you just have to be willing to dig for it. Or at the very least read our Under 1,000's. You're welcome.

Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth. His favorite album is College Dropout but you can also tweet him your favorite Migos songs at @LucasDJBooth. Images via Instagram.



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