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Nas is a Big Fan of Future: "He's Pushing Flows Forward"

The legendary emcee who once proclaimed that hip-hop is dead praises Future for his musical evolution.
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The way Twitter talks about hip-hop, it's a house divided. The lyricists are expected to mingle with fellow lyricists, the trappers are expected to hang out in Bandos with Migos. It’s like high school, the cliques are divided, any time a nerd sits at the cool table eyebrows are bound to be raised.

When Q-Tip co-signed the Migos divisive thinkers didn't know how to handle the news. It happened again when Andre 3000 said he likes Young Thug, and now someone else who often sees "greatest" next to their name has publicly crossed a line that might not actually exist at all. 

We'd expect Nas' playlist to be filled with guys like KRS-One and Public Enemy, and it is, but during his recent interview with Complex, he reveals that he’s a pretty big fan of Future. This shouldn’t come as a shock since Nas did appear on a "March Madness (Remix)," but it’s one thing to rap with someone and another to sing their praises in public. It’s easy to assume that Nas, the one who called hip-hop’s death, would be one to throw bullets at an artist that in some ways is his polar opposite. Instead, Nas applauds his ability to capture this generation in his music.



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"Big fan of Future. He's pushing flows forward and he's speaking about this generation and what's going on. That's a great place to be and that's what I respect about him." 

We all just have to get to the point where we understand that people like music, can like all kinds of music and that even some of hip-hop's true legends are people too. That’s why Nas can enjoy SremmLife and DS2 while also proclaiming that It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back is one of his favorite hip-hop albums of all-time. As long as the culture is that varied, simultaneously living in the past, present and Future, it can never die. 

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