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JAY-Z & Beyonce’s Long Con Continues — a Joint Album Is Coming “Very Soon”

Hip-hop's most powerful power couple are about to cash in on the public's thirst for even more juicy lemonade drama.

The thing about conspiracy theories, they're only theories until it turns out there was a very real conspiracy the whole time. 

As we pointed out weeks ago, the idea that Jay Z was shocked to find Beyoncé publicly throwing him, and Becky with the good hair, under the bus for some alleged infidelity may have given Lemonade an air of real-life drama, it may have made for some funny Vines, but it obviously wasn't true.

Jay Z and Beyoncé aren't just a couple, they're hip-hop's most powerful power-couple (with all due respect to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna). Their personal lives are their businesses, man, and you don't ether half your business on wax unless you've got a long term plan in place.   



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Surprise, surprise, today Page Six reported rumors that a Jay and Beyoncé album wasn't just in the works, but that it was finished and arriving very soon, of course, via TIDAL. Take that "unnamed source" rumor with a Blue Ivy-sized grain of salt, but they at least have the benefit of making complete sense. Even more than a solo Jay Z response album, a collab album, and the resulting Jay & Bey Unified World Tour that would come from it, would make the couple enough money to genetically reconstruct Basquait on some Jurassic Park shit and have him paint new pictures for them.

And if that seems like a conspiracy, let's not forget that we're talking about two of music's finest business minds, and that producers were first leaking info about Jay and Bey working on a collab album long before Lemonade even dropped.

So as far as I'm concerned, it's not a question of if they do a collab album, but when. And if the rumors are to be believed, the Lemonade conspiracy theory is about to get a whole lot less theoretical.


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