Victoria Beckham's Lost Song With ODB is Exactly as Terrible as You'd Think

Victoria Beckham was once a Roc-affiliated artist with a hip-hop album featuring verses from ODB and MOP. That's a real thing.

It's hard enough keeping up with all the music that's actually released, but when you add in all the music that was shelved, hidden inside a secret cave deep in the mountains or triple-locked inside a vault, the mind reels. Every so often though one of those gems thought forever buried is held up to the light of the world by some enterprising explorer, and in the case of Victoria Beckham's shelved 2003 hip-hop/R&B album, sometimes those gems turn out to be brightly polished turds. 

I'll be honest. There's no larger lesson here, no reason to be writing this, other than to say, "This is a real thing that real people once thought was a good idea," so let's cut right to the chase. Listening to the former Posh Spice and future Mrs. David Beckham's collab with the late great ODB is like driving by a car crash happening in your ears; don't pretend like you're not going to check it out. 

If that sounds like a complete rip-off of Jay Z' "What More Can I Say," or maybe even the original song "What More Can I Say" was based on, you've got a keen ear. Beckham's album was put together by Dame Dash, who was managing her at the time and, judging by the album art work, convincing her to wear Rocawear jackets and setting up horrible songs with ODB. Hearing Dirt McGirt slam into the track rapping about the direct correlation between mouth angles and the velocity of his ejaculate after three minutes of Victoria doing her best J-Lo, female self-empowerment impression is like watching a tranquilized Will Ferrell stagger through a kid's birthday party

And that's not the only ill-advised guest verse Dame put together. He was also apparently convinced that having MOP rap about murdering every hater in sight on a Victoria Beckham song about relationships was something the world needed. 


Some potentially amazing albums are shelved by major labels because of industry politics, and some albums are shelved by major labels because even they know when a monster's been created that can't responsibly be unleashed on the world. But while it's unquestionably for the best that her Come Together album never officially saw an official release, at least now there's yet another ODB verse in existence, and for that I'm thankful. Even if I have to forward through three minutes of Victoria Beckham's struggle vocal cord exercises to get to it.  

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.