Fonzworth Bentley Connected Kanye & Gucci Mane for "Champions"

It's what happened behind-the-scenes that landed Kanye West Gucci Mane contributions.

The artist always gets the headlines, but it's the individuals behind the scenes that often make some of music's most notable moments actually happen. 

Just ask former Diddy umbrella holder turned Kanye confidant Fonzworth Betley, who during a Twitter Q&A on Monday revealed his matchmaking and A&R skills.

To review, during a studio session for the newly-released Cruel Winter single "Champions (Round & Round)," Bentley and Kanye were having a conversation about Gucci Mane being released from prison. Bentley briefly left the studio to tend to his daughter, and upon his return, Kanye had laid down his "Yeezy might have to go and put his Louis on / I'm 'bout to go Gucci in the Gucci store" line to close the track's opening verse.

Bentley, inspired by the rhyme and fully understanding of the significance of Guwop's release after spending several weeks in his native Atlanta, urged Kanye to have Gucci be a part of the song. Instead of just making the suggestion, however, Bentley whipped out his phone and "sent one text message." Within minutes, Bentley had an eager Gucci Mane on the phone and ready to work. 

Kanye West got Gucci Mane on Cruel Winter!