Holy Sh*t You Need to See Mistah F.A.B.'s 7-Minute #BlessTheBooth Freestyle

The Bay Area legend came through our studios and laid down an epic 7 minute freestyle that will have your ears leaking out your head.

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We've seen over 30 artists come through Audiomack Studios to try their hand at our Bless the Booth series, presented by TuneCore. Every artist's brought something unique to the table (there was that time Charles Hamilton rapped about everything from rainy days to Jamaican baby mommas), but this right here? This new Fabby Davis? 

When we brought the Bay Area mainstay Mistah F.A.B. into our NYC lab he laid down a freestyle so impressive that we ended up with our first ever Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear This Bless The Booth moment, bridging the gap between two of our favorite ongoing series.

Fabby Davis Jr. wasn't playing around, as at the time the Warriors were still down 3-1 vs. the Thunder and needed some Yay Area inspiration (we're convinced this sparked the comeback). He managed to drop not one, not two, but three freestyles - two of them surpassing the 7-minute mark - and left everyone in the office wondering if he'd end up passing out at the mic from the heat.

While you'll have to wait for the behind-the-scenes footage to witness F.A.B. carefully placing everyone in the studio's first names into a verse, and the time he perfectly imitated Cam'ron and others' flows, you will see a nearly 10-minute, jaw-dropping clinic in off-the-top wordplay and flow, with references to Rod Strickland, Afrika Bambaataa, Kodak Black, phones being dropped on the floor mid-rhyme and of course, Street Fighter. Holy...shit...this man can rap. 

Brainiac Beats once again provides the production, and for more from Mistah F.A.B., do not sleep on his latest, long-awaited album Son Of A Pimp 2, which boasts features from just about everyone in hip-hop.

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By Brendan Varan, Music Editor at DJBooth. Follow him on Twitter