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Lupe Fiasco Cancels "The Cool 2" Album, Threatens Retirement for 47th Time

Bad news for fans hoping for a sequel to Lupe's classic album and yet another chapter in the Lupe retirement saga.

Lupe Fiasco does what he wants.

If he wants to concentrate on becoming one of the world's best Street Fighter players, he's gonna put down that mic and pick up a joystick. If he wants to announce albums and then cancel them, who's gonna stop him? And if he feels like retiring and then changes his mind four seconds later, he's gonna do that too. 

Five months ago Lupe declared that the sequel to his - dare I say classic? - The Cool album would be arriving by next year, sending fans into a frenzy of excitement, myself included. But today that dream died at the hands of a single tweet in which Lupe wrote that the album wasn't turning out like he'd thought and it was trash time. 



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He then deleted that tweet shortly after, so maybe there's hope for the album yet? Or maybe not. In another now also deleted tweet he claimed that he'd be retiring at the end of the year, writing that "Roy will be my last," which marks (approximately) the 47th time Mr. Fiasco has threatened retirement.

The first retirement party I remember planning was way back in 2008, when he told our very own DJ Z that his upcoming LupEND album would be the end of Lupe. Spoiler Alert: Neither the album nor the retirement ever happened. Since then it feels like Lupe announcing he's done with rap is a seasonal affair. Before today, he most recently said he was hanging it up in May, before that February, and before that January

At this point only the most delusional fans should be taking either album or retirement announcements from Lupe seriously. In rap, as in life, nothing promised is real until it's actually real, and Lupe changes course more than most. It may not be the winning recipe for a big time rap career, but Lupe doesn't seemingly care about a big time rap career. He has his most hardcore fans, he has his freedom, and he's going to do with it what he wants, no matter how much we beg for the album or beg him not to leave.  

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Photo Credit to Skyy Walker Photography.



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