Kanye West's "Only One" Video Game Looks Heartbreaking & Beautiful

Yeezy unveils the first look at his upcoming video game based on his mother's ascension to heaven.

Kanye West's plans for his DONDA conglomerate includes launching a line of hovercrafts and curing cancer, but while those seem like items to be checked off Yeezy's To Do list a little further down the road, right here, right now, he really is making a video game based on his mother's ascension to heaven, "Only One," and it looks amazing. 

Headed by Elon Rutenberg, Kanye first showed a preview of the game during his Life of Pablo event at Madison Square Garden, and today the wider public's getting their first glimpse of the game through coverage of the gaming convention E3. 

That looks beautiful. 

It's still completely unclear what the game's larger storyline is or how it will be played, but while some of Kanye's non-musical ambitions can feel untethered to anything approaching reality (how's that presidential campaign coming?) being able to see even a snippet of this game feels genuinely inspiring. To turn your mother's death into a work of art that potentially changes how we look at video games? What's more influential than that? What's more Kanye West than that? 

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via YouTube.