Jesus, Drake's "Views" Album Already Went Double Platinum

Drake isn't just one of the most popular artists of his generation, the numbers say he's THE most popular.

Lately it's felt like half of the hip-hop blogosphere is just updating the same "Drake is really popular" article every two days, which is why I've largely avoided chronicling each and every milestone Drizzy has hit over the last few weeks. But this? This right here? Views went double-platinum in less than two months? That's crazy talk.  

By contrast, it took 2014 Forest Hills Drive two years, not two months, to go double-platinum, and the year's only other double-platinum album, Rihanna's ANTI, benefited from the one million copies given away via Samsung. Beyonce's Lemonade dropped a week before Views and while she'll assuredly get there, Queen Bey herself is still waiting for double-plat status. There's just no other way to put it. Drake isn't just one of the most popular artists of his generation, I think he can now reasonably claim to be the most popular artist of his generation. If this isn't Peak Drake, I can't even imagine what a higher level than this looks like for Aubrey. 

The kickback to this news has largely been of the "it doesn't really count, it's streams" variety, which I get but also feels misguided. I don't know what to tell you people, streaming isn't some passing fad. It's not some fake way of measuring music consumption, as opposed to "real" sales. The point of charts in the first place is to accurately measure what music the most people are listening, and so how could you not count the primary way people now listen to music? In fact, I'd be in favor of a stream-only chart that completely kills this stupidly complicated and confusing "stream equivalent albums" algorithm

The charts have changed too much to allow us to really compare an album's popularity across eras, but we can absolutely compare albums released recently to other albums released recently, and in that sense, Views is sitting on the throne. All hail king Drake. 

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter. Image via Instagram.


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