Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Jon Bellion's "All Time Low"

I've had Bellion's "All Time Low" on repeat for an entire day now, you have to hear why...

A 1 Listen review isn't right for every album. Those are for the albums that EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT RIGHT NOW, the ones that demand immediate conversation, your Views and your Life of Pablos. 

But other albums are best left to sit at a slow simmer without the pressure of an immediate public reaction, and Jon Bellion's The Human Condition is one of those albums. The album came out last week and joined my almost depressingly long "Albums to Listen To" list (it currently sits as 67 albums spanning a 30 year stretch), but for reasons I can't really explain, on Tuesday I decided to give it a full spin, and for reasons I can explain, it's pretty damn good. 

While the entire album is worth a listen, it's one song, "All Time Low," that I've become obsessed with. Without exaggeration, I just put "All Time Low" on repeat for an hour straight yesterday, and yes, I'm aware it first came out a year ago, but I personally discovered it through its inclusion on the new album, and there's no expiration date, no late pass, when it comes to connecting with great music. Music finds us when it was meant to, and apparently I was meant to find "All Time Low" now. (We won't talk about what that means for the current state of my personal life.)



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Some Holy Shit You Need to Hear This selections smack you in the face with the heavyweight obviousness of a Tyson uppercut, but others jab away at you, slowly working you over until you've completely surrendered. "All Time Low" is one of those songs - oh, and there's also an incredible live acoustic version. You need to hear this. 

Bellion's story is an interesting one, he's signed to Capitol Records and Visionary Music Group, the same label as Logic, he's got a growing list of songwriting credits to his name, including winning a GRAMMY for co-writing Eminem's "The Monster" and produces the vast majority of his own music. Impressive, but no one ever fell in love with a resume. It's the music itself that connects with us, and right now I'm connected to "All Time Low" like an umbilical cord.

You've got to hear this. 

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.

Illustration by Ash Tarek, whose work is available for purchase.



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