Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Logic & Pusha T's "Wrist"

In retrospect "Flexicution" wasn't THAT dope, but this right here? With the Pusha T verse? This you need to hear.

Let me keep it 1,000 with you, which is like keeping it 100, but ten times more honest. 

About a week ago, Logic's "Flexicution" dropped. It was late at night when I heard it, and while it was undoubtedly dope, there was this sliver of doubt, a gnawing sensation in my gut, telling me that it wasn't quite powerful enough to be considered "Holy Shit You Need to Hear This" worthy. This series is reserved only for the songs that truly make you lose your goddamn mind, and while I was hype on "Flexicution," my sanity remained intact. I just wasn't feeling the song in my heart of hearts, but my head convinced me I should write about it anyway, and so I wrote about it anyway.

And then today I heard Logic and Pusha T's "Wrist" and gray matter legitimately began leaking out of my ears. My first reaction was that I couldn't "Holy Shit" this song, not so close to "Flexicution." The last thing I want is for this series to look like a knee-jerk reaction to any song any particular artist releases. But "Wrist" was just too damn good, the beat just too devilishly angelic, Pusha's verse just too raw, and I wasn't about to make the same mistake again by letting my head override my heart. So here we are. 

Yes, this is the kind of existential crisis you occasionally have when you write about music for a living, none of which you probably care about. You probably just want to hear some great music. So this time around, allow me to say, without doubt of qualification, holy shit, you need to listen to this Logic and Pusha T. 



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Pusha's verse is a good example of why you shouldn't rap about current sports events. I don't know when he recorded it, but you've got to believe he wouldn't have made all those Splash Brothers references if he'd written his verse after game seven. (See also, that time Rick Ross said, "Thought I wouldn't make it, now I'm winning - Timothy Tebow.")

Anyway....more importantly, it's ill to hear both Logic and King Push mention each other in their respective verses, it's the kind of small touch that makes the song feel like a true collaboration, not just verses and beats being emailed back and forth. Whether it's a rapper or a rap writer, the results are just always better when you genuinely love your work, and Logic's clearly infatuated with the flick of the "Wrist." 

While we haven't seen any firm announcements about a new Logic album, only vague talk of two albums coming sometime in the future, I find it hard to believe he's dropping all this high-quality music just for fun. My gut tells me an album's taking shape before our eyes - it might not be crack, but Logic's clearly whipping away at the stove, cooking up something for his fiends.

"Wrist" is set to leave the confines of Apple Music and hit SoundCloud/iTunes/YouTube this Thursday, hopefully, we'll find out more then.



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