Desiigner Premieres His 1st Mixtape Ever: The Beginning or the End?

"Panda" was only the second song Desiigner ever released, what will his new mixtape mean for his career?

Yesterday, shortly after announcing the title of his first mixtape ever, New English, Desiigner premiered the project at a TIDAL-sponsored listening event in New York City. Clips from the event have begun to circulate online including a snippet of a track featuring Desiigner's G.O.O.D. Music compadre Pusha T.

Those in attendance say the Pusha T-featured song also includes a guest spot from Young Thug.

News of the mixtape release is welcoming for fans of the young, upstart Brooklynite who are craving more music from one of the most polarizing acts in hip-hop over the last handful of years. And by "more" music, I literally mean any song besides "Panda." 

With its monstrous success it's easy to forget that "Panda" is only Desiigner's second...song...ever...released. (The first being "Zombie Walk.") What has "Panda" done, exactly? The record helped Desiigner ink a record contract with G.O.O.D. Music, it was included on TLOP, it charted worldwide, was platinum certified, landed at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and started an 11 label bidding war. Hell, even Shaq used "Panda" as his entrance music at Wrestlemania 32. As they say, you're nobody until somebody enters the ring to your music. 



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The Miami-bred artist is a Trojan horse in today's underground rap landscape.

The success of "Panda" is both a gift and a curse for Desiigner. Not only is he still trying to escape the accusations of completely hi-jacking Future's sound, but he must now follow-up one of the biggest rap singles in recent years without any other material behind him, all at the age of 19. Remember, there are countless examples of rap artists who struggled to follow-up their first hit single (Rich Boy, anyone?). The gift of "Panda," one that keeps on giving, is that it's affording Desiigner many opportunities most young artists don't have - mass media attention, a highlight guest spot on a Kanye West album, a spotlight performance at "Summer Jam," and much more. 

Only time will tell if New English or Desiigner's upcoming debut album, The Life of Desiigner, can be succesful as projects, spurring a song or songs with as much mainstream potential and success as "Panda," but the accolades Desiigner has collected off of just one song (with a beat he bought for $200) are unheard of.

Let's see if the "Panda" can give birth to a platinum cub.

By @brokencool, native Torontonia

Photo Credit: Instagram



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