Holy Sh*t You Need To Hear Joey Purp's "GODBODY"

Hearing Joey Purp's "GODBODY" one night left me with only two words on the tip of my tongue, holy shit.

It was in the wee hours of a night long forgotten that I saw a tweet that made me click a SoundCloud link. There was a certain exuberance articulated in the 140 characters that I was drawn to. The link lead me to “GODBODY” from Joey Purp’s iiiDrops mixtape. I knew of Purp, a member from the acclaimed Save Money collective. I knew of iiiDrops, how could you not know of a mixtape that features Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Mick Jenkins, and Saba? He pretty much gathered the Teen Titans of Chicago, to be heavily invested in music blogs was to know of this mixtape.

There just wasn’t a moment where I found the time to press play but now my attention was grabbed and surprisingly it was a song that had no features, so I hoped that Joey would impress. Before the second verse I was saying to myself, holy shit. All these weeks later, I'm still listening to this record so often I feel compelled to make sure you hear it too. 



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Thelonious Martin, another talented Chicagoan, knew that he wanted to kick listeners in the face right when they pressed play. That harsh, violent, thrashing snare thumps in your ear - right then you should brace yourself for something dirty, grimey, a monster born from the same mud that hides the Loch Ness Monster. If this beat was a street it would have no lights and be filled with the stench of dead bodies and gun smoke. 

While this raging, rock-influenced affair puts you in a mood to burn a guitar, Purp appears with the gasoline and lighter. His smooth flow has a touch of aggression juxtaposed well with the apocalyptic backdrop. His wordplay grabs you - buying chains that were made for Master P, driving a Maserati that will make a Beemer look like a Ford Focus, gripping tools like Tim Allen - but “Two tone whip change colors, I call it Charlemagne” was the bar that took my head smooth off. If Thelonious brought the thunder, Joey is the lightning, making “GODBODY” a storm of epic proportions.

“GODBODY” is a song where you can feel the chemistry between the producer and rapper. If this wasn’t tailor made for Joey, I’d be surprised. In the second verse Thelonious throws in this chop that makes the beat sound like meteors showering Earth and Joey doesn’t skip a single beat. His assault continues, his tongue is sharp with quotables, it’s a complete assassination, a flawless victory. If this isn't a Holy Shit You Need to Hear This, I don't know what song is.

By Yoh, aka Yohey Kush, aka @Yoh31

Photo Credit: SoundCloud



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