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NoName's Album is Finally on the Way (Hopefully)

One of Chicago's strongest voices may finally be releasing the album so many have been waiting for.
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The last time I wrote about Noname she still had Gypsy attached to her name. A change that was done in respect to Romani people who might find her name offensive. Even though the change was slight, done out of respect, it showed that Noname was thinking about the future of her career in rap. If she had no intentions of moving forward with the possibility of being a well-known artist she could’ve easily changed her Twitter and slowly descended and disappeared.

But regardless of her name, three years after she burst onto the national radar via an astounding guest spot on Chance's Acid Rap, and despite a steady stream of guest work after that and the occasional loose song, her long awaited album Telefone has yet to be released or even be granted an announced release date.

Today, we received the biggest update on Noname’s Telefone in the form of a dry erase board. She posted on Twitter the current tracklisting and what still needs to be done to each track. It appears the project will be 13 tracks long, including both “All I Need” and “Freedom Interlude.” Both songs released this year are a strong representation as to why NoName is highly-praised and highly-anticipated. Based on the board, there isn’t a lot left to be done. A few hooks, a verse or two, some drums, but for the most part Telefone could be done and released sometime near the summer’s end. She seems focused and determined to release the album to a fanbase that has been waiting patiently.

After appearing on Chance’s Coloring Book with another show stealing verse the demand for a Noname solo project is high. Even with her long phases of silence, she reappears and reminds why she’s someone that should never be off your radar. “Open Apology” was released before “All I Need” and “Freedom Interlude,” the first line she raps is, “Open apology for little black girl don’t you follow me I’m never getting on,” a dreary way to start a song for someone so talented. Hopefully the release of her mixtape/album will prove her premonition wrong. That will truly determine how far she will go from here. She really has something to offer rap, a perspective that’s necessary, unfortunately she has a tendency to vanish. A free spirit that is hard to determine if she will ever drop the project, a collection of songs that’s been in the works for years.



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I’m a big fan of Noname, I think she has one of the best pens coming out of Chicago, possibly one of the best in all of rap, but it’s difficult to gauge when she’s more elusive than Carmen San Diego. Hopefully this is the year that we finally receive a full length project from the very mysterious Noname. She has a new name, she seems very focused, all the signs point to a promising tomorrow but I’m still hesitant to get my hopes up. Blame it on post-traumatic stress from Jay Electronica never keeping his promise.

UPDATE: July seems like a good time...

Yoh, aka YohName Gypsy, aka @Yoh31

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