Desiigner Officially Releases "New English" Mixtape, We Think

The G.O.O.D. Music signee finally gives the world new music that isn't "Panda."

Thanks to Desiigner, and of course, Kanye West, 2016 has officially been the Year of the Panda.

Thanks to just one single record release the 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper and dab aficionado was able to land a #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, a deal with G.O.O.D. Music (amidst a reported 11-label bidding war) and a prime placement on West's The Life Of Pablo.

Though he's faced a great deal of somewhat-valid criticism for sounding like a knock off version of Future, and though history points to him being a one-hit wonder, Desiigner's hype has seemingly been unaffected as the world has eagerly awaited new music from the young artist. By that, I mean, basically anything but "Panda."

Today, the wait appears to be over, as Desiigner's New English mixtape has been officially released on Tidal... at least for the time being. Following an initial early morning release on Sunday, the project was removed from the streaming service mere hours later.

New English totals 14 tracks, including "Panda," with features from Pusha T and King Savage. Production credits include Hal Ritson, Mekado, Menace, Mike Dean, NickFRSH, Richard Adlam, Richie Souf, RicoBeats and Ysonnatrack.

Released on Sunday, June 26, New English is available now for streaming exclusively on Tidal.

By Brendan Varan. You can follow him @brendanvaran.