Holy Sh*t You Need to See Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar's "Freedom" Performance

To see Beyonce and Kendrick staring at each other, pushing each other to go even harder is to watch music history.

Award shows are rarely worth watching live in 2016. Twitter will supply you with all the jokes you need to know come Monday morning, why slog through the rest? But every so often an award show produces a true must watch moment, and while to their credit last night's BET Awards had a handful of notable performances, none were as momentous as Queen Bey and King Kendrick's powerful rendition of the Lemonade cut, "Freedom." 

Especially for those of us who remember the days when Beyoncé was looking for a man to pay her bills, it's easy to take Beyoncé's constant evolution for granted, especially in the face of the fervent Beyhive's insistence that she's the greatest thing since the invention of incognito mode. But here's the thing - she really is that good. We may never see another artist in our generation with that mixture of talent, power and vision, and in many ways the same can be said for Kendrick Lamar. 

So to see the two, face to face, pushing each other to go even higher, water spraying and Beyoncé head-banging like she's at a Metallica show, is the kind of goosebumps moment that happens far too rarely. It's the kind of performance that matters long after any social media jokes have died down. So if you don't watch anything else from last night's awards, watch this. All hail...

By Nathan S, the managing editor of DJBooth and a hip-hop writer. His beard is awesome. This is his Twitter.

Photo Credit: BET