Chris Brown Assault & Heavy Drug Use Allegations Mount

Another high profile person working for Brown has now quit, alleging verbal abuse following "heavy drug use."

Last week, Chris Brown's former manager, Mike G, filed a lawsuit against the singer alleging that Brown beat him so badly in a drug-fueled rage that he needed to be hospitalized, and now reports have surfaced that Brown's female tour manager, Nancy Ghosh, quit in the middle of his recent European tour after he angrily confronted her. Ghosh claims that Brown was "irrational and high on drugs" and that he threatened to do to her "what he did to Mike G," at which point she left. In addition, a lawyer associated with the tour has similarly accused Brown of being verbally abusive and he is also facing claims of serious assault from a fan following a reported outburst in a Cannes nightclub in May. 

For his part, Brown has so far posted (and then deleted) a video on his Instagram accusing Mike G of financial fraud, and then largely taken a "how you gonna hate from outside the club?" stance. 

You won't find a single article on DJBooth in the past few years detailing any aspect of Brown's personal life, only his music, and for good reason. I have very little interest in rehashing Chris Brown's qualities as a human being and debating anyone's decision to support his music, or not. It's now been seven years since his assault of Rihanna and we've all long since decided our personal stance in relation to him, if you have a stance at all. No article's going to change that, certainly including this one. 

But, perhaps naively, my hope is that whether you consider yourself a Chris Brown fan or not, whether you believe the current allegations against him or think they're merely the result of a select few unjustly seeking attention and money, that mounting stories of Brown's alleged drug use and erratic behavior at least give you pause for concern. This year, and even the past month, has seen a devastating amount of high-profile musicians pass away or face serious health concerns after what by all accounts is heavy drug use, and while the world reacts with shock at each unfolding turn, the truth is the warning signs were often there all along. 

So whether that help comes in the form of treatment for a seeming drug problem or he doesn't have a problem with drugs at all, I sincerely hope that Brown gets some genuine help in achieving the one accomplishment that's so far eluded him—living a life free from anger and filled with positivity. We should all be able to agree that could only be good thing.