The 3 Songs You Need to Know on Desiigner's "New English" Mixtape

Everyone's going to be quoting "Caliber" in a few weeks and everything else you need to know about Desiigner's first mixtape.

In case you've been sleeping in a tree for the past six months (shout out to me for the Panda sleeping habits reference), Desiigner is kind of a big deal. His single "Panda" hit #1 on Billboard and everyone from this father & son to Fabolous have been infected with the G.O.O.D. Music signee's seemingly endless energy. On Sunday, Desiigner released his first mixtape, New English, as a TIDAL exclusive.

If you aren't a member of the Carter family and don't have a TIDAL subscription, or you do and just haven't had time to listen to New English yet, we've got you covered. Here are the three best songs on the project, or at least the songs most likely to be quoted on Twitter. Best case scenario you find some new music you can play on repeat, worst case scenario you can keep up with the memes. That's what we call a win-win. 


It doesn't take long for Desiigner to attempt to replicate the success of "Panda" as the tape's second track as "Caliber" follows an almost identical format: repeating the song's title in succession ("Caliber, caliber, caliber") for the hook, haunting, almost horror-core like production courtesy of NickFRSH (I assume it cost more than $200) and a single verse from Desiigner. But dammit if this track isn't as catchy as "Panda" with Desiigner riding a melodic wave that may be his most Future sounding track yet. I don't know what to tell you, the comparisons might be getting old, but he really does sound like a Future clone here.

Tired of "Panda?" Rest assured, you will soon be chanting this:

Caliber, caliber, caliber / Caliber, caliber, get somebody / Caliber, caliber, hit somebody / Caliber, caliber, ring somebody / Caliber, caliber, caliber

"Make It Out"

In what sounds like the product of Onyx and Gravediggaz having a baby (word to '90s rap references), Desiigner moves far away from Future, puts the vocal aids aside and goes frantic over drill-like production as he weaves tales of him and his homies doing dirt but all making it out together:



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The Miami-bred artist is a Trojan horse in today's underground rap landscape.

Chopper rips open like surgery / I'm back from the dead, close the curtain spree / All my killers gon' get away

The lyrical content here is your typical "bang-bang shoot 'em up" bravado, however, it's the energy in which Desiigner delivers his lyrics and the haunting, grimy backdrop that makes this one a stand out. If you're in the market for a new ignorant banger to commit a felony to, this might be a wise purchase. 


Slower paced in nature and absolutely drenched in Auto-Tune, "Overnight" is a lean-paced rap record that you can envision boppin' your head to in a dark, smoked out club at 2 AM. Produced by Mike Dean, the song sees Desiigner reflecting on his "overnight" success saying that he's been "riding in a matrix" and that he "don't get it, don't get it." For an artist who has been quite surface level with his lyrical content - "I got broads in Atlanta" - the song finds Desiigner reaching deeper, which should help fans better understand how at 19-years-old, his second song ever released went #1 on Billboard and he's signed to one of the biggest artists in the world.

To say it's going to be challenging for Desiigner to replicate the success of "Panda" would be like saying it's going to be diffcult for Kanye to mend fences with Taylor Swift after the "Famous" video; it's highly unlikely and will be an uphill climb. But there are songs on New English that show some promise and hint that the Brooklyn native could transcend his breakthrough success, even if the recurring formula is largely the same as his current hit.

If Desiigner can grow as an MC (he is only 19 after all), who knows how far his motivation, energy and famous friends can take him.

By @brokencool, native Torontonian

Photo CreditDan Garcia



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