Jay Z Kills Another Verse With "I Got The Keys," The Ruler's Back

After two years of only occasional appearances, Jay's been crushing verse after verse lately. Is it time to throw up the Roc once again?

Following last night's BET Awards (kudos to Fabolous on the night's most memorable moment), DJ Khaled released his overhyped new record, "I Got The Keys," which features Future & Jay Z and serves as the latest single off his forthcoming album Major Key:

"I Got The Keys" houses not one, but two new Jay Z verses, which directly follow his recent appearance on the remix to Fat Joe's summer smash "All The Way Up." Hov sounds alive on Khaled's new single, speaking on success and "bragging different." The song even begins with what sounds like a response to Drake's "I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay" line from "Summer Sixteen":

Niggas always asking me the key / 'Til you own your own you can't be free / 'Til you're on your own you can't be me / How we still slaves in 2016?

Whenever Jay drops a new verse, fans rush to social media to say "Jay fell off," that he's "out of touch," or that "the verse was wack," yet 20 years after the release of Reasonable Doubt, the hip-hop world still waits with baited breath every time Mr. Carter steps to the mic.

Along with "I Got The Keys" and "All The Way Up," Jay also recently aided Pusha T on his "Drug Dealer's Anonymous" single, and who can forget his "guest spot" (insert Hov laugh here) on the original version of Drake's "Pop Style"? It has been an uncharacteristically busy and public 2016 thus far for Hov, including his wife's Lemonade album which, if you're to believe the rumors, is about Jay's alleged infidelities during their marriage. Regardless of the inspiration behind the album, the result was another massive media takeover for the power couple with suggestions that Jay Z is currently recording a response album (Please deliver us "Grape Drink").



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Hell, the notoriously absent from social media Jay has even fired off three tweets this year, including one this past weekend about the 20th anniversary of his classic debut Reasonable Doubt:

As the old saying goes, when there's smoke there's fire and right now it's difficult to see through the haze created by Beyonce and Jay Z. They've owned not only the airwaves but the collective anticipation of the entertainment world.

Jay asking "Who you gonna find doper than him?" on "Encore" is a question that now must be looked at differently. The perception has always been that it is Jay Z who can't leave the game alone, but consciously (or subconsciously for the haters) is it really us who can't fathom hip-hop without the "kingpin of the inkpen, monster of the double entendre."Magna Carta Holy Grail proved to be a disappointment, but 2016 might yet prove to be the year Hova proved he's still as good as any young buck in rap. 

The bat signal is up and it appears Hov may be in the midst of answering the call. You already know we're going to pick up.

By @brokencool, native Torontonian

Photo Credit: TIDAL



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