Joe Budden's Loading Up on Shots at Drake, Does He Have A Chance?

Budden appears intent on going after the 6 God, can he do what Meek Mill failed to?

As he prepares to release his new collaborative project, Rage & The Machine, with araabMUZIK, Joe Budden took to Periscope on Saturday (June 25) to preview a track from the album which included multiple shots at Drake:

Budden can be heard in the clip saying "My words ain't ghostwritten, I ain't Drake," obviously referring to the ghostwriting allegations that have followed Drake for the past 11 months. These recent shots come after a series of perceived barbs thrown back and forth which began with Budden saying Drake sounded "uninspired" on his (already) double-platinum VIEWS album during an episode of his podcast back in May. What followed were indications that Drake may end up responding to the comments, including a French Montana Snapchat clip where Drake can be heard saying "pump, pump it up" on an as-yet to be released song and the release of Drizzy's "4PM in Calabasas" which Budden perceived to be directed at him: 

"All the sudden I got people showing how much they truly resent me / They whole demeanor just spells envy" - Drake "4PM in Calabasas"

Whether or not Budden was trying to bait Drake into a beef with his podcast comments, it would appear things are heating up between the two.



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As evidenced by his beef with Meek Mill (Can someone tell Meek the beef is done and he lost?) and the countless memes that have circulated the internet over the years, Drake appears to have found the vaccine to immunize his career against beef and shots thrown his way on social media. The end result of his tiff with Meek Mill was only positive for Drake, a battle win and a resulting song, "Back to Back," that began as a mixtape-style diss track and turned into GRAMMY-nominated hit.

At this stage of his career, Joe Budden has nothing to lose going at Toronto's favorite son. Hypothetically, let's say Drake does actually responds to Budden with actual bars, or even a fully dedicated song. That could help Budden temporarily move his name back to the forefront of hip-hop, a place he has only seen glimpses of since his only true hit single, "Pump It Up," and most recently with his group Slaughterhouse, yet their time on Shady Records has been anything but a commercial success.

It's a stretch, but could a respected, battle tested lyricist such as Budden going at Drake encourage other MCs with a larger platform (Oh, hey Kendrick) to finally let their thoughts be known about the 6 God? Budden is an MC that hasn't shied away from high profile beefs before, even firing off shots at Jay Z after expressing disappointment in his run as the President of Def Jam:

“From the sounds of everything I hear you lost it / Still rap a’ight, but your peers exhausted / Fuck ya bunch of money, put your ego to the side / And maybe it’s time to study your understudy / I mean are we hustling or are we grown up / Everytime I hear you, you changing your tone up / When the new generation think about Jordan / All they remember is when Iverson crossed him / Take off the blazer, loosen up the tie / Nigga fell in love and Superman died...” - Joe Budden "Talk To Em"

Regardless of what level Budden decides to take this to, the result of any battle is likely to only line the pocketbooks of Drake and OVO even more and strengthen their chokehold on the game. And while the days of people dissing Drake and never hearing a reply are long gone, Drizzy will ultimately be the one to decide whether or not Budden benefits from this.

By @brokencool, native Torontonian

Photo Credit: KTT



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