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Future & Young Thug End Feud, Get In Studio Together

Trap fans rejoice! After petty bickering on social media, Future and Young Thug now back in the studio cooking up new music.

DJ Esco’s Project E.T. mixtape dropped last week and the internet went crazy trying to hear the new music. Esco isn’t a rapper, he’s a DJ, the coolest DJ in the world some would say, and also Future’s DJ. It’s not a Future mixtape but he does appear on almost every song, nothing but new music and the Future hive responded accordingly. Not just Future, Esco scored some big features - 2 Chainz, Drake, Rae Sremmurd - but the feature that truly sent ripples through the internet was Young Thug. A few months back, in February to be exact, Thug and Future got into a back-and-forth on Twitter; no mentions, no guns on Instagram, just subtweets that didn’t escalate. It was safe to assume the two really didn’t care for one another. That wasn’t their first interaction on the timeline that was sour.

Over a Metro Boomin thumper, Thug and Future reunited on “Who.” It's a tag-team approach, one verse ends and the next begins seamlessly. It doesn’t feel like a feature that was emailed in but a collaboration with both artists in the studio. Weezybeat, a producer from Atlanta tweeted that he had both Thug and Future in the studio with him, only further proving the the two have been working not just together but in the same creative space. This is something you wouldn’t do with someone that you’re truly feuding with. Whatever misunderstanding or disgruntled feelings that may have arisen are a thing of the past now (hopefully). 



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Atlanta rappers go through interesting phases. It can be unconditional love or an explosion just waiting to surface. T.I. and Jeezy have had a great relationship their entire career, the two seem to be more friends than competitors. But T.I. and Ludacris spent years butting heads, throwing shots, and even exchanging words on a track with Young Buck. Some say it was over the King of the South title, others believe it was something more, but time has passed and both parties are on much friendlier terms. It’s possible that Thug and Future were in a similar situation being two rising stars from the same city, both trying to claim a throne and crown with unique approaches.

Even though the two are closely tied to Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, and other mutual parties in Atlanta, the two have released a surprisingly small amount of music together. Not to say they haven’t recorded more, but it has yet to leak from the vault. From what I could find, other than “Who,” the only other song that’s just exclusively Future and Thug is “Chanel Vintage” (both appear on Young Scooter’s "Disfunction"). The song shows how well the two can be compatible. Future isn’t laidback but boisterous, energetic, like he’s shouting to the mountain top. Thug brings the same hyper, erratic vibe. “Chanel Vintage” was for Metro Boomin’s 19 and Boomin project, released in 2014, so over two years have passed since the pair have been heard together.

Thug’s Hy!£UN35 album is expected later this year, Future's next drop could come at any moment, the two are studio rats that are constantly recording. Who knows when we'll hear what’s being created in the studio but it’s good to see the two together. Sometimes beef can bring a competitive spirit that makes for some good music, but with these two the situation was never that deep. I'd much rather have 10 more “Chanel Vintage” records than some petty tweets that will only lead to more petty tweets. Make music not war. 

By Yoh, aka Coolest Writer In The World, aka @Yoh31

Photo Credits: Instagram/Instagram



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