Kendrick Lamar Gets His First Production Credit on ScHoolboy Q's "Blank Face" Album

Produced by Kendrick Lamar? Yeah, that is a thing now.

Kendrick Lamar is just showing off now. From critically acclaimed, Platinum certified albums that have shifted the hip-hop landscape to being bestowed a key to the city of Compton to Earth shaking performances with Beyonce, it seems like the only thing Kendrick hasn't done thus far is produce music...well, until now.

Earlier this week, the production credits for ScHoolboy Q's upcoming album Blank Face LP were revealed and "boy looka here," Kendrick has what we believe to be his first production credit on "Overtime," which features Miguel and Justine Skye and is co-produced by Cardo.

The news of Kendrick's latest feat seemingly flew under the radar, however, some fans did take to social media to express their surprise and congratulations for King Kendrick:

What will Kendrick's first foray behind the boards sound like? With a veteran producer like Cardo on the beat, it's easy to envision an orchestral, almost haunting backdrop ruling the day while Kendrick adds a touch of the jazzy, genre-challenging sound heard on To Pimp A Butterfly. Regardless, for fans who were already excited about the return of "Groovy Tony," but were disappointed when they thought Kendrick wasn't a part of the project, this news will only increase anticipation for Q's album release on July 8.

So, is Kendrick serious about stepping behind the boards and sharpening his skills at a producer? That is the real question here. If the answer is Yes, and Kendrick continues to learn from some of the most talented producers in the game (Dr. Dre, Thundercat, Flying Lotus), hip-hop could very well at some point be looking at its most diverse, complex and talented artist of all-time (some would say he's already there). One thing is certain, Swizz Beatz' son can no longer say he's accomplished something Kendrick hasn't.


By @brokencool, native Torontonian

Photo Credit: Carl Neumann