Go See Atmosphere Live in L.A., They'll Make You Happy

Without exaggeration, Atmosphere puts on one of the best live shows in hip-hop. You should be there.

Slug stood onstage and beamed. "You have no idea how amazing it is to be standing here, looking at all of you, thank you." 

It was at that moment that I realized that the vast majority of my hip-hop concert experiences had made me a newbie on the first day of basic training. The audience was always not loud enough, always being told they weren't excited enough, one side of the audience always pitted against the other. But there was none of those "rapper as drill sergeant" techniques here. Instead of being extorted to yell louder than the other side, Slug asked us to look around, introduce ourselves to the person next to us, recognize that for one night we had all gathered to celebrate music. And I don't care if it sounds corny, it worked.

Atmosphere concerts make me feel an emotion we rarely talk about in hip-hop, they make me feel happy.  



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Good news for anyone looking for some happiness and hip-hop in their life. As part of their Freshwater Fly Fisherman Tour, the legendary indie hip-hop duo will be hitting L.A.'s Shrine Outdoors stage on Saturday, September 8, and they'll be joined by fellow Rhymesayers affiliates Dilated Peoples, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, Dem Atlas and more. 

If you're not in L.A. never fear, odds are pretty good that they're coming to your area, just check out the full tour schedule. For everyone else, hit that link below for tickets. Enjoy yourselves at the show, and I mean that. 

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