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Future Continues to Deny Drug Addiction: "I Don't Feel Like I Ever Abused It"

In his music he's an addict on the verge of self-destruction, but in a new interview Future insists he doesn't have a drug problem.

In his new Rolling Stone cover story, Future: Syrup, Strippers and Heavy Angst With the Superstar MC,counter to what you might assume from listening to his music,Future is once again denying being a drug addict, although he certainly doesn't deny using drugs on a regular basis and does provide a closer look at how he came to use regularly use lean:

"At first, it wasn't something that I loved," he says. "It wasn't till I discovered what I loved about it. Some people take drugs and they don't understand the high. They take it just to be high."

"It started making me more relaxed. Sometimes you experience anxiety, and it did me some good for that. I don't feel like I ever abused it. I used it for what I felt was needed."

The interview as a whole seems like one long lean session with the writer noting the presence of bottles of Sprite, Pineapple Sunkist and Strawberry Fanta in the studio and Future consistently sipping from a Styrofoam cup while talking. Still though, while in his music he regularly says things like, "I'm an addict and I can't even hide it," Future adamantly defending himself about being labeled an addict is nothing new.



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A recent DJBooth article explored his claims of non-addiction juxtaposed against the fact that Future's music is heavily driven by drug life:

Hardcore drug use isn't just a part of Future's music, it is his music. 56 NightsDirty Sprite 2Puple Reign, all of his recent project titles are drug references, and those projects are overflowing with Actavis; twelve of the thirteen songs on Purple Reign prominently mention drug use. I'm hard pressed to think of any rapper who raps about anything as much as Future raps about drugs. Future even makes more references to lean alone on Purple Reign than Wiz makes about weed on Cabin Fever 3

The at times lethal mixture, which is likely a strong contributing factor to Lil Wayne's ongoing health issues, has become a hip-hop trophy of sorts with rappers of all geographical locations sporting the Styrofoam cup. Whatever happened to good ol' fashioned getting drunk on St. Ides and hitting the studio?

Future's placed himself in a difficult position. His breakthrough to upper-level rap stardom with Dirty Sprite was driven by the purple drink that, at least health-wise, has been the downfall of many of his rap comrades, and non-rappers as well. Now that he's on an elite level, both for his sake and the sake of many others, it's time for Future to make that Sprite a little less dirty.



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