Can Dr. Dre Help Resurrect Scott Storch's Career?

A recent Instagram post shows the pair reunited in the studio.

Following years of drug addiction, bankruptcies and failed returns to music, things appear to be looking up for former super-producer Scott Storch.

A recent Instagram post from industry veteran Steve Lobel shows Storch, following a meeting, with none other than Dr. Dre:

Lobel calling the meeting a "big day in hip-hop" is not an understatement and noting that "history repeats itself" could mean we're all in store for a real treat. The history Lobel is referring to is undoubtedly "Still D.R.E.," a song off Dre's classic 2001 album which Storch produced alongside the good doctor himself and Mel-Man.

A quick glance at Storch's uber-impresive discography, which includes an additional production credit on 2001 cut "Big Ego's," should help explain how he amassed a reported $70 million fortune only to very publicly snort it away.



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In a 2015 interview, Storch recalled how his drug use ruined his relationship with Dr. Dre:

“I think most—I regret the way I treated Dr. Dre after he so graciously opened up the doors for this kingdom to me,” Scott Storch said. “And I know the mistakes I made were 100 percent drug-induced and I just feel like that relationship isn’t over. And I hope to work with him in the future. Hopefully, he can accept me back into his good graces.”

Reading that quote, you can feel the regret Storch has for throwing away his friendship and working relationship with his hero. Earlier this year, in an interview with DJ Vlad, Storch doubled-down on those comments, reinforcing the shame he's amassed as a result of choosing drugs over a relationship that helped open doors to a world of opportunities. 

Hopefully the two, now reunited and back on good terms, can recapture some of that 2001 magic in 2016.

By @brokencool, a guy who promises to not squander $70 million.

Photo Credit: Steve Lobel



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