Scooter Braun Was Reluctant to Co-Manage Kanye West

In an interview with Paper Mag, Braun goes deeper into managing one of entertainment's most difficult personalities.

As announced back in March, Scooter Braun, a veteran mega-manager and record label owner, is now co-managing Kanye West alongside West's longtime manager Izzy Zivkovic. In a recent interview with Paper Magazine, Braun spoke about his reluctance to manage Kanye and how he organizes what seems to be a constant stream of ideas from Mr. West:

"If someone is creative and has an idea, he will stop at nothing to have that idea see the light, because he loves it, but sometimes, because the stuff costs money, that's my job to help in that category -- to help run it like a real business, because the upside is just tremendous. It was something I wasn't sure if I was going to do at first, and I'm very, very glad that I decided to do it, because I can tell you: He truly is a genius, and it's inspiring every single time you're around him and talk to him."

Getting closer to Kanye, both the person and the artist, is what helped to sell Braun on working with him. Once the most common misconceptions about West were dispelled, Braun had a clear understanding of the role he would play in their artist-manager relationship:

"I would say that one of the big misconceptions about him is that people think he's selfish, but he is one of the most giving human beings I've ever met in my entire life. That guy would give you the shirt off his back. My job in this relationship is to be a balance for him, and to push him, because he pushes me like nothing else and also to help with the politics of things, and to protect him. To be someone that can say "no," especially to a lot of people who take advantage of him."

That "pushing" Braun speaks of has resulted in Kanye literally owning the headlines throughout the past few weeks. From the launch of his controversial, click-bait driven (or is it art?) video for "Famous" to the announcement of a landmark deal with Adidas, Yeezy Season is once again in full swing.

Braun appears to have been hired in order to bring a balance to the world (and brand) of Kanye West, an ever-changing smorgasbord of musicclothing, art installations and surprise concerts. For a man who is no stranger to managing difficult personalities, he appears to be the perfect fit.

By @brokencool, who once talked to Scooter for an hour about Asher Roth.

Photo Credit: Instagram