Frank Ocean Updates Website, Hints at July Album Release

The singer has teased multiple release dates for his new album, should we believe him this time?

Four months ago we heard a glorious snippet, three months ago we heard the album would be released, "when he's ready," and last month, convinced that Frank Ocean's highly-anticipated sophomore album was never coming, we discussed the impact his Tumblr entries could have on the world in lieu of new music.

Needless to say, every day that has passed over the last year has pushed the follow-up to Ocean's GRAMMY-winning Channel Orange further and further into Detox-land. Until today.

For the first time since June of 2015, Ocean has updated his website. A quick visit to his spot will reveal an old school library due date card, which has a smudged July date at the very bottom. Wishful thinking has fans dreaming about a new full-length release from Ocean, but we've been burned by website updates in the past. 

There are 10 total 2016 dates on the library due date card, including the smudged July date and November 13, 2016. It's easy to miss the November date since it's near the top of the card and the only date out of chronological order. Frank sure loves to play games at the expense of his fans. Is it July? Is it November? We need to know, Frank!

If and when we receive confirmation from Def Jam, Ocean's label, that a new album or any music at all is on the way, we will be sure to update our readers. Despite the encouraging news, however, you might still want to prepare for what life would be like without another album from the truly eclectic star.

By DJ Z, who is about to press play on Channel Orange.

Photo Credit: BDC