Joe Budden to Meek Mill: "Sit Back & Watch a Real MC"

After sending shots at Drake on "Making a Murderer (Part 1)" last week, Budden snaps back at Meek Mill on Instagram.

Rap artists don't know the meaning of restraint.

Last week, right before we signed off for the holiday weekend, Joe Budden released "Making a Murderer (Part 1)," a six minute diss track aimed at Drake. In the lyrical gunfire both Meek Mill and Jay Z caught a few stray bullets.

The best response Meek Mill could have given Budden for his subtle jabs was silence, but Meek isn't very good at silence. All the MMG rapper had to do was act like he didn't even hear the record; whatever post-holiday buzz was still circulating, which was minimal anyway, would have further died down. Instead, late Monday evening, Meek posted this to his Instagram:

Maybe Meek just grew tired of posting photos of his money on the floor at Magic City? Or maybe he actually loves the attention provided by Budden's new record?

Speaking of attention, Meek's subliminal Instagram post caught Budden's and, in response, the Slaughterhouse emcee attacked the Philly native for "talking everything but rap":

Just as Yoh pointed out last week, rap beef in the age of social media has become nothing but Twitter fingers and Instagram thumbs. Budden can claim that he did to Drake what Meek failed to do, but the reality here is that Budden essentially started something with Drake that Drake isn't interested in being a part of. You can't claim victory over an opponent if your opponent doesn't even take the field.

Based on his past history of behavior on social media it's more than likely Meek Mill will again respond to Budden, but for the sake of hip-hop let's hope next time it's in musical form.

By DJ Z, who is sitting back and waiting on a response.

Photo Credit: Instagram