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Joe Budden Paints Drake as a Culture Vulture on Diss Track "Wake"

Joe Budden goes back to back on Drake with the release of a second diss track entitled "Wake."

Another day, another chapter in the ongoing saga that is Joe Budden versus Drake.

Early Wednesday morning, Budden went "Back 2 Back" on Drake by releasing "Wake," a new under-five-minute diss track that follows "Making a Murderer (Part 1)."

Have a listen:

While "Making a Murderer (Part 1)" was belabored, at times even a bit corny, and had zero replay value, "Wake" is shorter, quite humorous and far more powerful. It's a shame Budden didn't release "Wake" first.



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In a nutshell the Slaughterhouse emcee accuses Tornoto's golden child of being a culture vulture, borrowing flows and riding waves to the top of the charts.

You leverage your celeb, taking waves over / That's territorial takeover / Maybe he thinks nobody notices / Gucci wasn't home two seconds before you rode his dick / Bodied Versace flows, copy, that he stole / Ay dios mio, sorry Migos, adios amigo / Was that your plot all along? / Why you ain't do that vid with Fetty but you hopped on the song?

Budden dissing Drake for not rapping was a flimsy approach on "Making a Murderer (Part 1)," but it's hard to argue with his tactics on "Wake." Drake has been accused of stealing material and imagery, he often checks into the "paying homage" hotel when his inspiration isn't common knowledge, and he straight up jacked a record that nearly reached No. 1.

Despite a second consecutive diss track it still remains doubtful that Drake will offer up a response. Meek Mill on the other hand...

By DJ Z, who still doesn't believe Drake will respond.

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