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Holy Sh*t You Need to Hear Jamila Woods & Chance The Rapper on "LSD"

Jamila Woods is quickly becoming one of soul and R&B's must hear new voices - and that Chance verse is pretty damn good too.

Home is where the heart is. For many, no matter where they go, a piece of their heart will forever reside in the city they were born and raised in. There’s a bond you build with a place, all your memories, good and bad, are connected to this one location. Artists have a way of taking their love for home and manifesting that admiration into beautiful art. Chicago is Jamila Woods’ home and she captures the beauty of her relationship with the city in her latest song “LSD.”

Some songs hit you so hard you need to hear them, but equally powerful are the songs that sneak into your heart and press repeat on your soul. This is one of those songs.   

Chicago has mused many songs from the very musicians who spent their lives in the city's bosom. Kanye’s “Homecoming” is a personal favorite but after countless listens Jamila’s “LSD” could potentially replace Mr. West's classic offering. Her songwriting matches the beauty of her voice and will submerge you in soul. The song has the same cooling sensation that comes with dipping your legs into a pool. Water is used brilliantly throughout the song in a way that would impress Mick Jenkins. She wants to show people another side of Chicago, a beautiful Chicago, and to love Jamila is to love Chicago. “LSD” stands for Lake Shore Drive, no drugs are needed to feel like you’re on a magical trip while playing this record. Simply refreshing.

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Jamila’s voice shouldn’t be new to ears, her soft yet soulful tone will be familiar to anyone who has heard Chance The Rapper’s “Sunday Candy” from Surf or “Blessings” from Coloring Book. Chance has been very vocal about his own personal relationship with Chicago, he wears the city like a badge of honor, and if you know anything about Chance it's that he raps and is from the Chi. It’s no surprise he would want to lend a verse... and what a verse! “This here ain’t for no Vice Doc,” is his first line, a nod that you won’t be getting the Thomas Morton version of Chicago. He’s lyrically the Chance you can’t help but love—clever and witty, delivering the kind of verse that is rewound just to catch every bar. The way he references Derrick Rose going to the New York Knicks, referring to raising his daughter in Chicago as similar to a princess in a dragon’s lair, the Spike Lee mention, he effortlessly brings all these thoughts together in a stunning verse. I really like Coloring Book but this verse really shows how incredible Chance's pen game truly is.

oddCouple’s production is lush and elegant, a sonic soulmate to Jamila’s vocals. I love that everyone involved are seeds that blossomed in Chicago. Jamila knows her relationship with home isn’t a perfect one, singing at the end about how even when the city breaks her down, even when the city breaks her heart, it doesn’t change the fact that home will forever be home. The beauty is never overshadowed by the bad. She has the lake, a constant reminder of love. It’s an incredible message, one that will resonate with Chicago natives and simply anyone from a place that isn’t illustrated with glamour. We all have a place we call home and a lake that’s a constant reminder of its magnificence.

No matter where you call home, you need to hear this. 

By Yoh, aka Atlanta's Very Own, aka @Yoh31



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