Snoop Dogg's "Coolaid" Album to Sell Under 10K, is "Cool Uncle" Status to Blame?

Snoop's new album Coolaid is slated to move less than 10k copies during its first week.

In what likely speaks more to his status in hip-hop rather than his overall marketability, Snoop Dogg's latest album Coolaid is expected to sell less than 10K copies during its first week. This would mark the lowest first week sales total for Snoop to date as a solo artist and shines a new light on an artist who has transcended his rap beginnings.

When Snoop (Snoop Doggy Dogg at the time) released his debut album Doggystylein 1993, he was rap music. From the genre shaking G-Funk sounds that translated from Dr. Dre's The Chronic into Snoop's debut to the rocking of plaid button ups under the California sun that had dudes doing it from coast to coast, Snoop was rap's new superstar and the album set-off yearsofhits for the D-O-G from the L-B-C. Somewhere along the way, Snoop transformed from the dangerous, gangster rap persona as seen on countless magazine covers to, dare we say it, a lovable guy who America (read: not just rap) opened their arms to:

From acting and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame to investments in countless start-ups, Snoop has continued to move beyond the recording booth throughout his career and has become a business unto himself. Which raises the question, has Snoop's outside ventures and, at times, comedic persona hurt his ability to connect with fans through rap music? Or has Snoop simply morphed into "Uncle Snoop," your cool uncle who you love talking to, hearing his stories and reminiscing with, but aren't going to invite to hang out with your friends?

While Snoop may be struggling to connect with today's rap fans through his music, there is a whole other business opportunity that awaits Snoop and a select few other rap artists. At some point, rap will likely take over many of the residencies we see in Las Vegas. As Generation Y continues to get older, it's not Elton John or Billy Joel or Celine Dion they'll want to see, it will be the rap greats of our time, the likes of Jay Z, Nas and Snoop Dogg. So while Snoop may have diverted the attention of rap fans away from himself in recent years, he will once again have the attention of them when he becomes one of the few rap artists who can fill a room (based on nostalgia) in Vegas.

By @brokencool, who will see Snoop Dogg live at the age of 50

Photo Credit: Apple Music